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    In Gracia Plus update a new mail system was introduced. It replaced the old system of transferring items and added an option to send mail to the players which are offline.

    Types of mail

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    There are 2 types of mail:

    1. Regular mail – sending a mail with an attachment or without it. The recipient just need to click the message icon (it appears in the lower left corner of the screen, under the chat window, when you have mail). Such messages are paid by the sender.
    2. Payment request – collect on delivery mail. For such mail the sender indicates the price of the item/items sent, and the recipient can either pay the indicated price to get the items, or refuse.
    Managing your mailbox Description
    Opening your mailbox /mailbox command or "Mailbox" button in the main menu (Alt+X)
    Sending/receiving mail In non-combate zones only
    Cost of sending mail Basic price: Adena.jpg 100 adena
    Cost of sending attachments: Adena.jpg 1,000 adena for each slot

    Mailbox interface

    Main menu - mailbox.jpg

    To open a mailbox, use a /mailbox command or the "Mailbox" option in the main menu (Alt+X).
    Mailbox interface.jpg

    1. "Received Mail" tab. The mail received by your character.
    2. "Sent Mail" tab. Mail sent to other characters. The interface duplicates the "Received Mail" tab
    3. "Select all" checkbox. Selects all the mail on the page. The unread mail will not be selected.
    4. Mail sorting fields. By default, the newest message is displayed first in the list, but they can also be sorted by fields:
      • Type If there’s an attachment in the message, you’ll be a clip icon there; if it’s a payment request message, there’ll be a lock icon.
      • Sender/Recipient Sender/Recipient’s name depending on the tab.
      • Title Subject of the message.
      • Validity Regular mail is kept for 15 days. Payment request mail is kept for 12 hours.
    5. List of messages.
    6. "Delete" button. Select a message to delete. A message with an attachment cannot be deleted.
    7. Switching between your mail list pages.
    8. "Send" button. Click to make a new message.

    Sending mail

    Отправка почты.jpg

    To open a mailbox, use a /mailbox command or the "Mailbox" option in the main menu (Alt+X). Press "Send" button. You can attach transferrable items to the message, no more than 8 slots in total (for example, 50 pcs of the same resource need 1 slot, and same parts of a armor, like gloves, need a separate slot for each one). The price varies depending on the weight of the items attached. You can send and receive mail in non-battle state only. The interval between sending and receiving mail is 30 seconds, so, if you’ve changed your mind and don’t want to send a message, you can remove it via "Sent Mail" tab of the mail interface.
    Create mail interface.jpg

    1. Mail body:
      • To. Recipient character’s name.
      • Mail type. Regular mail or Payment request
      • Title. Subject of the message
      • Message. Text of the message.
    2. Attached items. In the lower part your inventory items are displayed – the ones you can send by mail. Drag them into the attachment slots (8 max.). While dragging, you'll be prompted to indicate the amount of the items to send. In the middle you’ll see the weight of the mail and its price (basic price: Adena.jpg 100 adena; price of a mail with attachments: Adena.jpg 1,000 adena for each slot).
    3. Sum received in payment request. This field is available if your message type is "Payment request". Press the arrow button and indicate the price of your mail.
    Восклицательный знак.png How to cancel sending of a message!

    Once a message is sent, it displays in the sent messages list. If the recipient hasn’t received the message yet, if the recipient hasn’t confirmed receipt yet, you can cancel it: on "Sent mail" tab select the message and press "Delete".

    Receiving mail

    New message notify.jpg

    When you receive mail, in the right down corner the envelope icon appears, click it to open the message. In the attachment weight is higher than character’s weight limit, it’s impossible to get the attachments. If mail price is higher than your character’s available funds, it’s impossible to open the message. If your character has enough adena to pay, then adena will be sent to the sender when you open the message.

    Received message.jpg
    1. Mail body: Sender, type, title and text of the message.
    2. Attached items. And their weight
    3. Sum received in payment request. This field is not displayed for "Regular mail".
    4. Buttons of confirming receipt:
      • "Pay" button. Pay the request and receive the attachment.
      • "Cancel" button. You refuse to pay, the mail is sent back to the sender.
      • "Reply" button. You reply to the sender by mail.

    Mailbox cleaning. Deleting mail

    • If a message doesn’t have any attachments and it’s been read, it can be deleted.
    • A mail with attachments can be returned to the sender, but you can’t delete it as long as it has any attachments.
    • "Payment request" mail can be returned to the sender without payment, but you can’t delete such mail.
    • If a message with attachments hasn’t been read in 15 days, it’ll be returned to the sender.
    • If your message with attachments has been returned, it’ll be automatically deleted in 15 days, all attachments will be moved to your character's warehouse.
    • If "Payment request" hasn’t been paid for for 12 hours, it’ll be automatically returned to the sender.

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