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Magmeld is the location in the far eastern part of the continent. Although it’s connected to the material world, usually people can't see it, tough it or hear it, because it exists in another dimension. The researchers and the adventurers can enter it via the portal located behind the Anghel Waterfall, as soon as they’ve passed the mist which is the sign of Shilen’s awakening.

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Prison of Darkness is located under Ancient City Arcan. It causes earthquakes in the city each 30 minutes - which can lead to unexpected circumstances. The players need to talk to Jonah, Mysterious Priest and make a choice: whether to allow Shilen’s followers to carry on their ritual.

Common looks of the city
The looks of the city during vibrations

There’s no one in the city center
During the vibrations the opposing Shilen priests and the Cat tribe appear


Hunting Zones

Hunting Zone Levels Type Herbs
Fairy Settlement 88+ Open field /
Fortuna 90+ Dungeon / 1 party (5 ppl)
Garden of Genesis 90+ Dungeon / 7 ppl non drops
Prison of Darkness 90+ Dungeon / 7 ppl non drops
Spezions Cavern 90+ / 1 party (7 people)
Octavis Cavern 95+ / 1-5 party (7-35 ppl)
Orbis Temple 95+ Dungeon /
Octavis Cavern (Epic) 97+ / 2-5 party (14-35 ppl) non drops
Spezions Cavern (Epic) 104+ / 2-3 parties (14-21 ppl)

Magmeld - NPCs and quests

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