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Lv. 2 Legendary CON Dye (Luck)

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Item 39429.jpg
Lv. 2 Legendary CON Dye (Luck) CON +4 LUC +2
Lv. 2 Legendary CON Dye (Luck) (CON +4 LUC +2). Collect and take 10 units of this magical dye to the symbol maker in town and you will receive a symbol that boosts your abilities. Can be used after Awakening, or 3rd Liberation. All classes.
Weight: 150
Durability: -
Base price: Adena.jpg 0 adena
No restrictions for item exchange.

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Crafter must learn the alchemy skill Skill 17929 2.jpg Lv. 2 Legendary CON Dye (Luck) level 2.
Alchemy skills are available to the Ertheia race.
Skill learning at level 90
Number of items crafted: 1

If craft fails, you'll get Lv. 2 Legendary CON Dye Lv. 2 Legendary CON Dye  — 1 pcs.

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