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Light within the Darkness

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Light within the Darkness
Level: 85+
Quest type Party QuestRepeatable quest
Restrictions: Independent fortress
Race: Any race
Class: Any class
Start location Location not defined / Territory not defined
Start NPC Detention Camp Warden
Reward Knight's Epaulette Knight's Epaulette  — 200 pcs.,
PK counter reduced by 1
Info You can complete this quest every 24 hours.


  1. Talk to a Detention Camp Warden in the fortress owned by your clan.
  2. Detention Camp Warden sends your party to the Pailaka instanced dungeon. Each party member needs to take this quest. Your task is to save a group of 4 explorers which are locked there. Mobs will be attacking in 3 waves – and there'll be some time intervals between the waves. So you need to kill each group of mobs as quickly as you can – before the next one appears.
  3. Wave one: Kanadis Guide, Kanadis Follower.
  4. Wave two: Kanadis Guide, Kanadis Sniper.
  5. Wave three: 2 Kanadis Evangelist, Kanadis Fighter.
  6. The explorers will help you defeat the mobs if your group brings them to a distance which is enough to attack.
  7. When all the mobs are destroyed, the explorers thank you and your party leaves the dungeon by talking to any NPC
  8. Talk to the Detention Camp Warden and get the reward.

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