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    There are different way to develop your character after the 2nd class transfer.

    Character development - main races

    Leveling your character

    On levels 40–84 your characters will get Kekropus Letters which can be used to teleport to quest NPCs and to get quests for the current level. To get level 84, you have a series of quests:

    Восклицательный знак.png Wartning!

    The quests involving Kekropus Letters are only available within the range of levels.

    Third class transfer

    The characters level 76 or higher can complete their third class transfer quest. The third class transfer allows to learn the unique class skills. Quests for Third Class Transfer are different for each race. When they are completed, you'll get the necessary equipment.

    Developing an Ertheia character

    You'll be getting Navari's letters up to level 81. They be used to teleport to quest NPCs and to get quests for the current level. To get level 84, you have a series of quests:

    Second Liberation

    At level 76 you will receive a letter which can be used to teleport to NPC Master Katalin (for fighters) or Magister [[Ayanthe] (for mystics). If you close the dialogue window by mistake, you can start the quest by talking to the NPCs mentioned above or restart the game, and the quest will reappear in your notifications window.

    Info about important content

    To go through levels 40–84 quickly, you need info about important game content.

    1. Dyes
    You can change the unique basic characteristics of each race with tattoos. After the 2nd class transfer and up to the Awakening characters can use Greater dyes.
    With tattoos, you can increase a basic characteristics +15 (max), there are no limitations on reducing the basic characteristics (shouldn’t be below 0).

    More info about dyes and tattoos:

    2. Attributes
    Attribute system is meant for maximizing the efficiency of leveling up your character. The system is divided into the opposite elements and attributes. If you use an attribute which is opposite to the defence attribute of a mob, you can kill it faster.
    You can add 1 attack attribute to your weapon, and 3 defence attributes to your armor. You can delete the attributes by talking to Attribute Masters in the Town of Aden and in the Rune Township. You cannot add 2 opposite attributes to armor. More info about the Attribute system:

    3. Augmentation

    Augmentation is one of the ways to improve your equipment, alongside with enchanting, special abilities and attributes. Starting from level 46, your character can use augmentation by talking to Blacksmith NPCs in any township (except Talking Island Village). Weapon, Accessories and Head Accessories can be augmented. Augmentation allows you to get 2-4 different bonuses. Augmented items cannot be transferred or sold to anyone.
    Blacksmith NPCs in any township (except Talking Island Village) can cancel augmentation, for a fee depending on the item grade. If you need to learn more about Item Augmentation: More info about Augmentation

    4. Special abilities
    Special abilities can be added to weapon Grade С and higher. To add a special ability, you need a Soul Crystal. More info about Special Abilities:

    5. Mentoring
    To help players, the system of Mentoring was established. Each player can find a mentor in the game - a person who will help them to develop their character in a quicker and more effective way.
    If you need to have more info about Mentoring:

    6. Royal Training Camp
    For those who have a Premium Account, there's a special system of Royal Training Camp. Only characters level 40+ can enter the Royal Training Camp. It is used to level up the main class, the dualclass and subclasses as well.
    More info about Royal Training Camp:

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