Letters from the Queen: Cruma Tower, Part 1

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Letters from the Queen: Cruma Tower, Part 1
Level: 40 - 45
Quest type Soloing QuestOnetime quest
Restrictions: None
Race: Ertheia
Class: Any class
Start location Location not defined / Territory not defined
Start NPC NPC not defined
Reward Item 15623.jpg 370,440
Item 15624.jpg 88


  1. Upon getting level 40 (after the 1st Liberation) all Ertheia characters get a letter from Queen Navari.
  2. Talk to High Priest Sylvain in Einhasad Temple in the Town of Dion, get a Scroll of Escape: Cruma Tower Scroll of Escape: Cruma Tower and use it.


  3. Talk to Researcher Lorain located at the entrance to the Cruma Tower.


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