Legendary Quest Series "Seven Signs"
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Quest Series "Seven Signs"

Name Level Description
Seven Signs, Series of Doubt 79 Warehouse Chief Croop of Oren is worried about his missing cousin Jacob, especially following the recent Dwarven Contractor deaths.
Seven Signs, Dying Message 79 Warehouse Chief Croop needs someone to help him set up a memorial service for his cousin Jacob. Go and meet High Priest Hollint of Oren's Einhasad Temple to make the arrangements.
Seven Signs, Mammon's Contract 79 Sir Gustav Athebaldt knows about a contract forged at the dawn of Emperor Shunaiman's reign. He believes this contract is the key to all the secrets surrounding the Seven Signs.
Seven Signs, Secret Ritual of the Priests 79 Lady Claudia tells you about the place where the Secret Rituals are held, the Secret Oracle, which exists at the bottom floor of the Oracle of Dawn and is exclusive to high-ranking priests...
Seven Signs, Seal of the Emperor 79 Speak to Iason Heine and learn about the hidden truths about the contract between Emperor Shunaiman and Mammon.
Seven Signs, the Sacred Book of Seal 79 You're on your way to meet High Priest Orven in order to learn the location of Franz, but Orven does not trust adventurers...
Seven Signs, Embryo 79 Meet with Franz, the witness of Dawn, in his secret hideout to talk about the Shunaiman bloodline and how it relates to the seals.