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Leader's Grace

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Leader's Grace
Level: 103+
Quest type Onetime quest
Restrictions: The Exalted, Reaching Another Level quest is is progress
Lionel Hunter Mission List - 4 Lionel Hunter Mission List - 4 should be in the inventory.
Race: Any race
Class: Any class
Start location Heine / Innadril Territory
Start NPC Santiago
Reward Santiago’s Certificate Santiago’s Certificate
Elcyum Crystal Elcyum Crystal


  1. Talk to Santiago in Heine.


  2. Fishing Guild Leader Santiago says the one who seeks out new power should have the grace that matches the power. You need to get Gemstone (R-grade) Gemstone (R-grade)  — 80 pcs., Special Fish Stew Special Fish Stew  — 50 pcs.


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