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Last Imperial Prince

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Last Imperial Prince
Level: 74 - 80
Quest type Soloing QuestOnetime quest
Restrictions: To begin this quest, you need to complete Four Goblets first and have an Item 7262.jpg Antique Brooch in your inventory.
Race: Any race
Class: Any class
Start location Imperial Tomb / Goddard Territory
Start NPC Nameless Spirit
Reward Adena.jpg 407,970 adena
Item 15623.jpg 1,919,448
Item 15624.jpg 460
access to Frintezza epic boss


  1. Talk to a Nameless Spirit in the Imperial Tomb.


  2. Talk to Nurse Devorin in Einhasad Temple in Rune Township.


  3. Talk to a Nameless Spirit in the Imperial Tomb and get the reward.


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