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Keucereus photo.jpg
Location Keucereus Alliance Base (Rombarshya Territory)

Quest Type Levels Reward Restrictions
The Road to Destruction Onetime quest 93 Adena 17,612 adena
XP 8,173,305
SP 1,961
The Road to Infinity Onetime quest 95 Adena 18,243 adena
XP 8,528,625
SP 2,046
To the Seed of Hellfire Onetime quest 97 Adena 3,256,740 adena
XP 951,127,800
SP 228,270
Immortal Honor Onetime quest 104 XP 104,491,683,840
SP 1,064,491,683
Keucereus' Certificate Keucereus' Certificate