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Classes and Way of Development

Type Skill Description
Basic Racial Skills Skill 467.jpg Soul Mastery Absorbs a soul. 73 or more XP is needed to absorb a soul. Maximum of 5 souls can be absorbed.
Awakening Racial Skills Skill 1923.jpg Battle Instinct Increases PVP damage by 1%. Decreases skills' MP Consumption by 5%.
Skill 1924.jpg Dark Blessing Increases Dark attack by 10, Dark resistance by 10, and resistance to Silence and Fear by 20.
Skill 1925.jpg Soul Protection For 20 seconds, blocks debuff attacks 2 times.
Skill 1926.jpg Body Reinforcement For 5 minutes, transforms into ultimate combat form.
Skill 1954.jpg Flying Body Reinforcement Transforms into final flying combat form.

Kamael Fighters

Экран создания персонажа - Камаэль воины.jpg
88 57 80 43 36 37

Kamael Mystics

40 28 38 82 78 75

Warning! Kamael Mystic appear only after swithing to Goddess of Destruction - Awakening update. Mystic characteristics can be obtained by Kamaels only if they go through Awakening into Mystic class. It's impossible to create a Kamael Mystic.


Kamaels were created by the gods as living combat weapons, but the rest of their origin is shrouded in mystery. They worship Mother Nornil. Their strange background grants them different abilities depending on their gender, and their specialization in soul magic makes them the only Fighter race that can later become a Wizard.


Born in the Era of Myths, these mysterious creatures have preserved their own unique culture by living within the confines of the Isle of Souls, a haven located way to the west of the Dark Elf Village. Unlike the other five races that were created by Gods, it is speculated that the Kamael were originally created by the Giants in a time long ago. Their original purpose was to battle against the Gods and their creatures, but when the Giants lost their war with Einhasad, the Isle of Souls was sealed between dimensions to protect the Kamael. Ironically, after a long period of isolation, the Kamael have recently appeared on the continent under the guidance of the Gods, in order to help the other races with fighting Shilen's minions. In any case, they are here to stay and to play a prominent role in the current times of chaos.

The existing races and the Kamael have since agreed to cooperatively battle the monsters of Aden. Each race has established embassies in the Kamael Village, and the secrets of teleporting to the Isle of Souls have been passed along to their leaders. Nowadays, since the Goddess of Destruction has awoken, Kamael continue to fight alongside the other races.

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