• Kain's Choice

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    Kain's Choice
    Level: 99+
    Quest type Repeatable questParty QuestDaily quest
    Restrictions: None
    Race: Any race
    Class: Any class
    Start location Location not defined / Schuttgart Territory
    Start NPC Giselle von Hellmann
    Reward Item 15623.jpg 6,362,541,900
    Item 15624.jpg 15,270,101
    Random reward:
    Mystic Armor Piece Mystic Armor Piece  — 1 pcs.
    Scroll of Escape: Mystic Tavern Scroll of Escape: Mystic Tavern  — 1 pcs.
    Frenzied Tauti's Fragment Frenzied Tauti's Fragment  — 1 pcs.
    Insane Kelbim's Fragment Insane Kelbim's Fragment  — 1 pcs.


    1. Talk to Giselle von Hellmann to be recognized as the Hellmann family’s mercenary.
    2. All members of the von Hellmanns are waging war against the Rune Castle Knights. Fight the Rune Castle Knights as the mercenary for the von Hellmanns. To hunt: Rune Castle Knights.
    3. The battle is over. Get rid of the cannon blocking the front of the reception room to go back there.
    4. You must go into Messiah Castle to rescue Giselle von Hellmann. Sneak into the castle following Erdo.
    5. Defeat weak vampires under the Vampire's Sleep defuff, to get into the main hall.
    6. Fight alongside Kain.
    7. Kain got caved in by Etis van Etina and changed his mind. Kill the traitor.
    8. Talk to Settlen and get your reward.


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