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Isle of Prayer

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Isle of Prayer
Map Isle of Prayer.jpg
Territory Innadril Territory
Optimal Level 111 - 112
Party size Solo
Herbs drops

Кристальный Остров скриншот 1.jpg Кристальный Остров скриншот 2.jpg Кристальный Остров скриншот 3.jpg

Кристальный Остров скриншот 4.jpg Кристальный Остров скриншот 5.jpg Кристальный Остров скриншот 6.jpg

The island located to the north from Innadril where Parme, the beloved one of Fafurion lives. Long ago the island was small and uninviting, but Fafurion has turned it into a majestic beautiful place fit for the queen.

Isle of Prayer - monsters

Location Name Level Properties EXP SP

Related quests

Isle of Prayer Zones

Hunting Zone Recommended
Hunting Zone Type Recommended amount
of players in a party
Кристальный Остров лого.jpg
Isle of Prayer 78+ Field 1-2 players
Цветное Нагорье лого.jpg
Chromatic Highlands 78+ Field 5-7 players
Парнас лого.jpg
Parnassus - Field -
Особняк Темного Облака лого.jpg
Dark Cloud Mansion 78+ Instanced zone 5-7 players

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