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Investigate the Forest

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Investigate the Forest
Level: 65 - 70
Quest type Onetime quest
Restrictions: Complete Save the Souls
Race: Ertheia
Class: Cloud Breaker
Start location Forest of the Dead / Rune Territory
Start NPC Hatuba
Reward Item 15623.jpg 112,627,570
Item 15624.jpg 4,072


  1. Talk to Tracker Hatuba in the Forest of the Dead.


  2. You need to examine the tomb and to destroy the undead around the Cursed Village. Move towards the tomb and kill the undead. To hunt (any 100 mobs from the list): Guillotine's Ghost, Devil Bat, Atrox, Ghost of Guillotine, Behemoth Zombie, Bone Collector, Bone Animator, Bone Slayer, Bone Sweeper, Bone Grinder, Bone Scavenger, Bone Caster, Bone Puppeteer, Skull Collector, Skull Animator, Requiem Lord, Requiem Priest, Ghost of Betrayer, Ghost of Rebel Soldier, Ghost of Rebel Leader, Vampire Soldier, Vampire Magician, Vampire Adept, Vampire Warrior, Vampire Wizard, Vampire Magister, Vampire Warlord.



  3. Explore the tomb located to the south from the Cursed Village.


  4. Talk to Tracker Hatuba in the Forest of the Dead and get the reward.


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