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Ice Queens Castle (Epic)

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Ice Queens Castle (Epic)
Map Ice Queens Castle (Epic).jpg
Territory Schuttgart Territory
Optimal Level 104 - 120
Party size 2-3 parties (14-21 ppl)
Herbs non drops
Zone reset time Wednesday, 6:30

Замок Снежной Королевы (экстремальный) скриншот 1.jpg Замок Снежной Королевы (экстремальный) скриншот 2.jpg Замок Снежной Королевы (экстремальный) скриншот 3.jpg

Замок Снежной Королевы (экстремальный) скриншот 4.jpg Замок Снежной Королевы (экстремальный) скриншот 5.jpg Замок Снежной Королевы (экстремальный) скриншот 6.jpg

General Info

Dialogue with Jinia - getting Black Frozen Core

Ice Queens Castle (extreme) is a party instanced zone for 14-21 players level 104-120.

  • You can get to the zone via NPC Jinia located in Freya's Garden. You can teleport to Jinia via NPC Gatekeeper Bilia from Schuttgart.
  • To fight Freya in an extreme mode you need to get a Black Frozen Core Black Frozen Core from Jinia. To get it, talk to Jinia and choose "We need a way to stop Freya." If you already have it, Jinia won't give you a new one.
  • To enter the extreme instanced zone, you need to challenge her in the dialogue.
  • You need a command channel to enter.

Walkthrough guide

You'll be teleported to the middle of the hall. After the video, the battle will begin. The battle is divided into 3 stages. During the battle huge blocks of ice will be falling from the ceiling. Break them to get a buff.

Stage 1

On the first stage Freya will be summoning her servants and attack you with different spells. Then you need to reduce her HP to minimum so the second stage could begin.

Stage 2

Freya will move to the upper part of the hall and you won't be able to attack her. Glakias will appear in the middle of the hall. As long as Glakias is alive, Freya summons her servants. Defeat Glakias and watch the movie so the 3rd stage could begin.

Stage 3

Freya will go downstairs to continue the battle. In the 3rd stage Freya will be using the Eternal Blizzard spell. You need to use the Black Frozen Core Black Frozen Core to neutralize it. Freya will be also causing the ice blick to fall down. They deal area damage.


Name Level Properties EXP SP

Ice Knight Captain Glakias 106 : : 0 0
Ice Queen Freya 106 : : : : : 1013689481708 912318256

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