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Icarus Sawsword Piece

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Icarus Sawsword Piece
Essential ingredient that a Dwarf needs to make Icarus Sawsword. It can be sold to public stores.
Weight: 60
Durability: -

Mob's name Lvl. Stats Hunting Zones Count Chance
Sel Mahum Soldier (1) 84 Humanoids: They have two arms, two legs, and they walk upright. Culture and communal life varies by race. Fire Attack: Strong against the element of fire. Weak P. Atk.: Weak P. Def.: Very Strong M. Def.: Bow/Crossbow Resistance: Resistant to Bow/Crossbow attacks. Melee Attack Vulnerability: Renders target vulnerable to melee attacks. Spear Vulnerability: Vulnerable to Spears. Sel Mahum Training Grounds 1 ~ 0.0009%

Trader Place Cost
Denver Adena.jpg 622,000 adena
Desian Adena.jpg 622,000 adena
Dolphren Adena.jpg 622,000 adena
Drawin Adena.jpg 622,000 adena
Hedinger Adena.jpg 622,000 adena
Kirklan Adena.jpg 155,500 adena
Item 13796.jpg Freed Soul  — 26 pcs.
Item 13841.jpg Dragonkin Charm  — 6 pcs.
Lyann Adena.jpg 622,000 adena
Metar Adena.jpg 622,000 adena
Prouse Adena.jpg 622,000 adena
Queen of Hearts Adena.jpg 622,000 adena + castle tax
Sparky Adena.jpg 622,000 adena
Tahoo Adena.jpg 622,000 adena

Can be obtained for the following quest:
Quest Levels Start NPC Restrictions

Delicious Top Choice Meat 82 Beast Herder Tunatun No Requirements
The One Who Ends Silence 82 - 85 Priest Greymore Completion of Secret Mission. Awakened/before 3rd Liberation classes.
Perfect Form 82 Kelleyia No Requirements

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