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Township description

Hunters Village Map

Hunters Village is a settlement located to the south from the Town of Aden. There no castle or clanhalls. The village belongs to Aden Territory.

It was founded by hunters who tried to catch rare monsters dwelling in Enchanted Valley and Forest of Mirrors. The lord of Aden respects the villagers and recognizes their autonomy to some extend. However, since criminals have started to gather there, the villagers suffer from ongoing fights.

Hunters Village is home to the Hunter Guild faction. NPC Hunter Guild Leader Arcturus gives quests to increase the faction amity level, and NPC Black Cat sells rare useful items: bracelets, life stones and Hunter’s Amulet Hunter’s Amulet .

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Township Price Price
with a discount
Town of Aden 5,900 3,000
Town of Oren 4,100 2,100
Hardin's Academy 3,400 1,700
Enchanted Valley - centre 1,300 650
Ivory Tower 6,800 3,400
Forest of Mirrors 2,000 1,000
Anghel Waterfall 6,300 3,200
For characters below level 77 teleport service is free. From 8.00 pm to 00.00 from Monday till Tuesday for all characters there's a 50% discount on teleportation services

Teleport for the Noblesse

Destination Price
Gludin Arena 1000
Giran Arena 1000
Forest of Mirrors (center) 1000
Enchanted Valley - centre 1000
Hunters Valley 1000
Coliseum 1000
The Heart of Antharas' Lair 1000

Daily quests on killing mobs

In Hunters Village NPC Black Cat sells for raid points Requests from Hunter Guild to kill powerful monsters. Such requests can also be purchased in the Town of Aden from NPC Grey. The price of each request is 100 raid points.

Request - Altar of Evil Request - Altar of Evil
Request - North of the Town of Giran Request - North of the Town of Giran
Request - Valley of Saints Request - Valley of Saints
Request - Gludio Territory Request - Gludio Territory
Request - Cemetery Request - Cemetery
Request - Fairy Settlement Request - Fairy Settlement
Request - Atelia Fortress Request - Atelia Fortress
Request - Northern Region, Isle of Prayer Request - Northern Region, Isle of Prayer
Request - Southern Region, Isle of Prayer Request - Southern Region, Isle of Prayer
Request - Turek Orc Campsite Request - Turek Orc Campsite
Request - Isle of Souls Request - Isle of Souls
Request - The Immortal Plateau Request - The Immortal Plateau
Request - The Fields Request - The Fields
Request - Garden of Beasts Request - Garden of Beasts
Request - Cruma Marshlands Request - Cruma Marshlands
Request - Garden of Spirits Request - Garden of Spirits
Request - Elven Forest Request - Elven Forest


Hunters Village

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Raid Boss Shacram 45 Raid Boss: If the person who made the greatest contribution is 3 or more Lv.s higher than the raid monster, then the item/Adena rewards will decrease. If the difference is 9 or more Lv.s, the monster will drop nothing at all. Raid Boss (Lv. 45): A Silenos who was a victim of an experiment gone awry, conducted by the Ivory Tower's mystics. Shacram gained supernatural power, but his appearance was so disfigured that he could not return to his tribe. He moved to Oren where he hides in a deserted valley in the south, where rugged mountain paths discourage most from ever setting foot in the region. He harbors a deep hatred towards the mystics of the Ivory Tower who made him like this. Giants: This race looks similar to a humanoid, but they are approximately 2-3 times in size. This includes the ancient Giants who once ruled the continent, their descendants, and even the monsters that have regressed and in whom only a small fragment of the race's history remains. 5918766 1420

Hunters Village - Quests and NPCs

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