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Hope within the Darkness

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Hope within the Darkness
Level: 90+
Quest type Party QuestRepeatable quest
Restrictions: One of the fortresses should be contracted with a castle.
Race: Any race
Class: Any class
Start location Location not defined / Territory not defined
Start NPC Warden
Reward Item 9912.jpg Knight's Epaulette  — 300 pcs.,
PK counter reduced by 1
Info You can complete this quest every 24 hours.


  1. Talk to a Warden in the castle dungeon. Each party member needs to take this quest. Your party will be teleported to an instanced zone.
  2. Your task is to save a group of 4 explorers which are locked there. Mobs will be attacking in 3 waves – and there'll be some time intervals between the waves. So you need to kill each group of mobs as quickly as you can – before the next one appears.
  3. The explorers will help you defeat the mobs if your group brings them to a distance which is enough to attack.
  4. Talk to a Warden in the castle dungeon and get the reward.

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