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A Noblesse who’s reached level 85, completed the Awakening and gained most points in Grand Olympiad, is awarded with Hero title.

There can be one Hero for each class, 34 heroes for 1 server in total. Heroes have special privileges.

Who can become a Hero

  1. Your character should be a Noblesse
  2. Main class should be level 85+, Awakening quest should be completed
  3. Your character should gain most points in Grand Olympiad.

Grand Olympiad is held every month. The tournament lasts for a month, at the end of every months 8 players get the status of Hero. "Hero" status is effective from its activation until the end of a current month.

Hero privileges

Диадема Крыльев Судьбы (внешний вид).jpg

  1. Hero Aura
    Everyone can see the character is a Hero, as there’s a special bright aura around this character.
  2. Item 6842.jpg Wings of Destiny Circlet
    A special head accessory available to heroes only. This circlet cannot be dropped, lost or transferred to anyone. Only a Hero can wear such a circlet. If a character loses their Hero status, the circlet disappears.
  3. Hero Weapons
    When a Hero gets the status, they can receive a special weapon Grade R (any type). This weapon is chosen once, however, if this character receives the status in the following month, they can change the weapon. This weapon cannot be sold or transferred to anyone. It cannot be dropped or lost in case of death.
    See also: Hero Weapons
  4. Hero Voice
    Heroes can write messages using a special channel which is not available to other players (%). Everyone in Lineage II within the server will see them. Hero voice can sound in the channel every 10 seconds.
  5. Monument of Heroes
    The list of Heroes is maintained in every village and township on the Monument of Heroes.
  6. Hero's Cloak
    After Goddess of Destruction - Awakening release all characters with Hero status can receive a Hero's Cloak. The characters who got the second and the third place can get a Cloak of Honor.
  7. Hero Skills
    Such skills become available automatically if a character receives the status of Hero. However, they are not available for subclasses and during battles in Grand Olympiad. If a character loses the status of Hero, the skills disappear.
    • Skill 395.jpg Heroic Miracle - For 30 seconds, increases P. Def. by 5400, M. Def. by 4050, Resistance to buff-canceling attacks by 80, and Speed by 5. Consumes 40 Soul Ore. Duration: 30 sec.
    • Skill 396.jpg Heroic Berserker - For 2 minutes, increases the user's Accuracy by 8, P. Atk. by 500, M. Atk. by 500, Atk. Spd. by 100, Casting Spd. by 100, Speed by 20, Resistance to buff-canceling attacks by 80, and the effect of received HP recovery magic by 100%. Bestows complete Resistance by 25%, Evasion by 8. Consumes 40 Soul Ore. Duration: 2 min.
    • Skill 1374.jpg Heroic Valor - For 2 minutes, increases nearby clan members' P. Atk. by 250, P. Def. by 500, and Resistance to buff-canceling attacks by 40. Consumes 80 Spirit Ore. Duration: 2 min.
    • Skill 1375.jpg Heroic Grandeur - For 1 minute, decreases nearby enemies' P. Def. by 50%, M. Def. by 50, Evasion by 16, and Shield Defense by 50%. Increases damage to be canceled by magic by 100, and blocks all physical/magic skills. Consumes 80 Spirit Ore. Duration: 1 min.
    • Skill 1376.jpg Heroic Dread - For 30 seconds, instills nearby enemies with fear and causes them to flee with Speed increased by 66. Consumes 80 Spirit Ore. Duration: 30 sec.
  8. Other
    • Status – “Hero” status is added in character’s info window.
    • The clan to which a Hero belongs receives Репутация клана.jpg 5,000 reputation points
    • A Hero gets additional 200 Olympiad points (Item 13722.jpg Olympiad Token  — 200000 pcs.).

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