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To help those players who hunt alone there’s a Herbs system developed. When you hunt, there’s a chance to get a drop of herbs which strengthen your character’s stats, restore mana, health or vitality. The herbs take effect immediately when they’re picked up. They disappear in a minute if not picked up.

Herbs effects

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The herbs take effect immediately when they’re picked up. They affect only the character who’s picked them up, even if this character belongs to a group, and the settings of drop distribution don’t matter. There’s a message in the system chat saying that a herb takes its effect. Effect duration is 5 minutes, in some rare cases – 10 minutes. Herb effects don’t replace the corresponding buffs. When the effect is over, the buffs keep on working. If your character is a summoner and uses a servitor, then herbs effects are shared equally between the master and its servitor, and in this case the duration of the effect is 2.5 minutes.

List of Herbs

Restoring herbs:

Name Description
Herb of Life Restores a small amount of HP.
Greater Herb of Life Restores HP.
Superior Herb of Life Restores the full amount of HP.
Herb of Mana Restores a small amount of MP.
Major Herb of Mana Restores MP.
Superior Herb of Mana Restores the full amount of MP.
Herb of Recovery Restores the full amount of HP and MP.

Herbs for Warriors

Name Description
Herb of Power Temporarily increases P. Atk. Effect 3.
Herb of Alacrity Temporarily increases Atk. Spd. Effect 2.
Herb of Critical Attack - Probability Temporarily increases the probability of Crit. Atk. Effect 3.
Herb of the Warrior Includes all the effects of Warrior Herbs.
Herb of Vampiric Rage Can temporarily increase some HP from damage, excluding damage from skills and long-range attacks. Effect 4.
Herb of Critical Attack - Power Critical P. Atk. is temporarily increased. Effect 3.

Herbs for Mages:

Name Description
Herb of Magic Temporarily increases M. Atk. Effect 3.
Herb of Casting Spd. Temporarily increases Casting Spd. Effect 3.
Herb of the Mystic Includes all the effects of Mystic Herbs.

Common Herbs:

Name Description
Herb of Speed Temporarily increases your Spd. Effect 2.
Herb of Doubt Head is enlarged.

Where herbs drop

Herbs drop when you hunt in the field, as herbs are designed to make single-player hunting or hunting in small groups more effective.

List of field zones where herbs drop

Name Level Territories

Frozen Valley 1 Schuttgart Territory
Elven Forest 8 Oren Territory
Western Mining Zone 8 Schuttgart Territory
Hills of Gold 13 Aden Territory
Evil Hunting Grounds 14 Gludio Territory
Neutral Zone 15 Gludio Territory
Langk Lizardmen Dwellings 16 Gludio Territory
Fellmere Harvesting Grounds 17 Gludio Territory
Entrance to the Ruins of Despair 19 Gludio Territory
Ruins of Agony Bend 19 Gludio Territory
Windy Hill 20 Gludio Territory
Dion Hills 20 Dion Territory
Windmill Hill 20 Gludio Territory
Ol Mahum Checkpoint 22 Gludio Territory
Windawood Manor 22 Gludio Territory
Plains of Dion 23 Dion Territory
Partisans Hideaway 23 Dion Territory
Maille Lizardmen Barracks 24 Gludio Territory
Cruma Marshlands 25 Dion Territory
Ruins of Agony 25 Gludio Territory
Orc Barracks 30 Gludio Territory
Red Rock Ridge 30 Gludio Territory
Ruins of Despair 30 Gludio Territory
Floran Agricultural Area 30 Dion Territory
Brekas Stronghold 30 Giran Territory
Gorgon Flower Garden 31 Giran Territory
Bee Hive 34 Dion Territory
Wasteland 35 Gludio Territory
Death Pass 35 Giran Territory
Alligator Beach 38 Innadril Territory
The Forest of Mirrors 40 Aden Territory
Timak Outpost 40 Oren Territory
Hunters Valley 40 Aden Territory
Alligator Island 40 Innadril Territory
Ivory Tower Crater 40 Oren Territory
Forest of Evil 45 Oren Territory
Plains of Glory 45 Aden Territory
War-Torn Plains 45 Aden Territory
Outlaw Forest 46 Oren Territory
Frozen Labyrinth 53 Schuttgart Territory
Forsaken Plains 58 Aden Territory
Valley of Saints 60 Rune Territory
Fields of Massacre 61 Aden Territory
Swamp of Screams 65 Rune Territory
Forest of the Dead 65 Rune Territory
Garden of Beasts 67 Goddard Territory
Hot Springs 73 Goddard Territory
Ketra Orc Outpost 76 Goddard Territory
Varka Silenos Barracks 76 Goddard Territory
Shrine of Loyalty 76 Goddard Territory
Isle of Prayer 78 Innadril Territory
Crypts of Disgrace 80 Schuttgart Territory
Den of Evil 81 Schuttgart Territory
Plains of the Lizardmen 81 Oren Territory
Dragon Valley 81 Giran Territory
Sel Mahum Training Grounds 81 Oren Territory
Chromatic Highlands 82 Innadril Territory
Beast Farm 83 Rune Territory
Primeval Isle 83 Rune Territory
Primeval Plains 83 Rune Territory
Altar of Evil 85 Oren Territory
Bloody Swampland 87 Oren Territory
Isle of Souls 93 Aden Territory
Seal of Shilen 95 Aden Territory
Silent Valley 95 Aden Territory
Blazing Swamp 97 Aden Territory
The Cemetery 97 Aden Territory
Beleths Magic Circle 99 Gludio Territory
Shadow of the Mother Tree 103 Oren Territory

List of dungeon zones where herbs drop

Name Level Territories

Ruins of Ye Sagira 8 Gludio Territory
Abandoned Coal Mines 10 Schuttgart Territory
Labyrinth of Belis 18 Gludio Territory
Forgotten Temple 27 Gludio Territory
Ant Nest 29 Gludio Territory
Ant Incubator 36 Gludio Territory
Cruma Tower 40 Dion Territory
Garden of Eva 40 Innadril Territory
Imperial Tomb 80 Goddard Territory
Mithril Mine 81 Schuttgart Territory
Harnak Underground Ruins 85 Gludio Territory
Dimensional Rift 95 Aden Territory

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