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Helping Others

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Helping Others
Level: 99+
Quest type Onetime quest
Restrictions: To take this quest, you need to have the Exalted, One Who Overcomes the Limit quest in process and to have Lionel Hunter's Mission List - Part 2 Lionel Hunter's Mission List - Part 2 in your inventory.
Race: Any race
Class: Any class
Start location Town of Giran / Giran Territory
Start NPC Sir Kristof Rodemai
Reward Sir Kristof Rodemai's Certificate Sir Kristof Rodemai's Certificate
Spellbook: Favor of the Exalted Spellbook: Favor of the Exalted


  1. Talk to Sir Kristof Rodemai in the Town of Giran.


  2. Help new players as their mentor until you have Mentee's Mark Mentee's Mark  — 45000 pcs. (Warning! The items will be taken from you when the quest is done.)
  3. Talk to Sir Kristof Rodemai located in the Town of Giran and get the reward.


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