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To facilitate leveling up, there’s a special system of helping the new players. You can use different buffs and teleport for free.

The system of helping the players

Free teleportation

Characters level 1-76 inclusive can teleport for free using Gatekeepers in the townships and starting villages.

Blessing of Protection

Characters up to level 39 who haven’t completed their second class transfer can get the Blessing of Protection from any Adventurers' Guide. When you have this buff, no chaotic player who are 10+ level higher can do you any harm. Blessing of Protection doesn’t work on the battlefield (for example, during castle sieges).

Lvl Item Description
Skill 5182 1.jpg 1 Blessing of Protection Keeps you safe from an attack by a chaotic character who is more than 10 Lv.s apart from you.

Supporting magic

Characters level 1-94 can use buffs from Adventurers' Guides in townships. The Awakened characters cannot use such buffs. Such buffs are cast for 60 minutes:

Lvl Item Description
Skill 15652 1.jpg 1 Daring Sonata (Adventurer) For 60 min., P. Atk. +5%, M. Atk. +10%, and Atk./Casting Spd. +5%. P. Def./M. Def. - 4%, and P. Evasion - 4. Has a chance of applying 5% Vampiric Rage, and reflects 10% of received damage back to enemy.
Skill 15643 1.jpg 1 Drum Melody (Adventurer) For 60 minutes, Party Members' Max MP +20%, HP Recovery Bonus +20%, M. Critical Rate +20, P. Critical Damage +20%, P. Atk. +10%, P. Def. +20%, Atk. Spd. +20%, M. Atk. +20%, M. Def. +20%, Casting Spd. +20%, Debuff Resistance +10%, Critical Damage Received -30%; Speed -15% down. Additionally, for party members equipped with melee weapons, bows, or crossbows who have received attacks and suffered more than a certain amount of damage, Critical Damage is increased during standard attack.
Skill 15645 1.jpg 1 Guitar Melody (Adventurer) Party members' P. Critical Rate +32%, P. Critical Damage +35%, M. Critical Rate +20; P. Skill MP Consumption -20%, M. Skill MP Consumption -10%, Iss Enchanter Enhance Skill MP Consumption -20% for 60 minutes.
Skill 15646 1.jpg 1 Harp Melody (Adventurer) For 60 minutes, party members' P. Accuracy +5, P./M. Evasion +5, Speed +34, and Critical Damage Received -30%.
Skill 15642 1.jpg 1 Horn Melody (Adventurer) Party members' P. Atk. +17%, P. Def. +15%, M. Atk. +79%, and M. Def. +30% up for 60 minutes.
Skill 15647 1.jpg 1 Lute Melody (Adventurer) For 60 minutes, party members' Atk. Spd. +34%, Casting Spd. +31%, with a chance of 9% Vampiric Rage.
Skill 15644 1.jpg 1 Pipe Organ Melody (Adventurer) For 60 minutes, party members' Max HP +37%, Max MP +37%, Max CP +37%, HP Recovery Bonus +20%.
Skill 15651 1.jpg 1 Prevailing Sonata (Adventurer) For 60 min., Atk. Spd. +10%, Casting Spd. +20%, Max HP +20%, and MP Recovery Bonus +10%. M. Skill MP Consumption - 5%, and decreases chance of cancellation while casting.
Skill 15653 1.jpg 1 Refreshing Sonata (Adventurer) For 60 min., HP Recovery Bonus +10%, P. Accuracy +2, P. Evasion +2, and Speed +10. Skill MP Consumption - 10%, and Skill Cooldown - 5%.

At your choice
Lvl Item Description
Skill 15648 1.jpg 1 Knight's Harmony (Adventurer) For 60 min., P. Atk. +12%, P. Critical Damage +35%, P. Critical Rate +100%, P. Def. +45%, Shield Defense Rate +30%, and Shield Defense +50%.
Skill 15649 1.jpg 1 Warrior's Harmony (Adventurer) For 60 min., P. Atk. +35%, P. Critical Damage +35%, P. Critical Rate +100%, Atk. Spd. +8%, M. Atk. +16%, Casting Spd. +8%, and Speed +8.
Skill 15650 1.jpg 1 Wizard's Harmony (Adventurer) For 60 min., M. Atk. +40%, M. Critical Rate +100%, Casting Spd. +8%, P. Atk. +8%, Atk. Spd. +8%, Speed +8, M. Def. +14%, and MP Recovery Bonus +20%. M. Skill MP Consumption - 15%, P. Skill MP Consumption - 5%, and Skill Cooldown - 20%.

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