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In the Epeisodion update Hellbound has been changed. Now it's meant for players level 99.

How to get to Hellbound

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Hellbound is available to players level 99 only. When a player gets level 99, they can teleport to Hellbound from Heine using Warpgate. To teleport to Hellbound you can also use a Scroll of Escape - Hellbound Scroll of Escape - Hellbound , which you can buy from the Black Marketeer of Mammon. You teleport to the Refugee Camp.

Near Warpgate you will find such NPC as Verdure Elder Elikia. She can tell you a lot about Hellbound and she will also give you a quest - Elikia's Letter to go to Hellbound.

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Hellbound - NPCs and quests

Refugee Camp

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In the Refugee Camp you will find the local Sayune, Warpgate and NPCs. It's the place to get the main Hellbound quests.

There's also NPC Theorn, who manages SP events.

There's also the Wormhole NPC to teleport to Raid Boss Beleth.


Raid Zone: Beleth

  • When Beleth or Darion resurrect, there are earthquakes on Hellbound.
  • Term of access to Beleth/Darion
    • The reappearance interval of Beleth and Darion is 7 days
    • Only one Command Channel of 98-350 can enter
    • Characters that are far from the Wormhole will not be able to enter.
    • The Wormhole to the raid is located in the Refugee Camp.

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