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Map of Heine

A beautiful city on water as if risen from the depths of the sea. Its stone streets are channeled, there are water currents everywhere. The Humans and the Elves live there in peace and concillation. All of them worship Eva.
Heine is like Venice in Aden world. Despite the fact, that Heine is a city, there are no clanhalls there. Heine castle - Innadril Castle.


Township Price Price
with a discount
Town of Giran 7,600 3,800
Town of Oren 50,000 25,000
Town of Dion 12,000 6,000
Town of Aden 59,000 29,500
Town of Goddard 83,000 41,500
Rune Township 82,000 41,000
Town of Schuttgart 100,000 50,000
Town of Gludio 47,000 23,500
Talking Island Village 45,000 22,500
Giran Harbor 7,100 3,600
Field of Silence 12,000 6,000
Field of Whispers 5,900 3,000
Alligator Island 2,100 1,100
Garden of Eva 2,400 1,200
Isle of Prayer 7,200 3,600
Parnassus 6,000 3,000
For characters below level 77 teleport service is free. From 8.00 pm to 00.00 from Monday till Tuesday for all characters there's a 50% discount on teleportation services

Teleport for the Noblesse

Destination Price
Gludin Arena 1000
Giran Arena 1000
Center of the Field of Silence 1000
Center of the Field of Whispers - east 1000
Field of Silence - west 1000
Field of Whispers - east 1000
Center of the Alligator Island 1000
The inner part of the Garden of Eva 1000
Garden of Eva – level 2 1000
Garden of Eva – level 3 1000
Garden of Eva – level 4 1000
Garden of Eva – level 5 1000
Coliseum 1000

Heine - NPCs and quests

Clan Halls

There are no clanhalls in Heine.

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Field of Silence
Field of Whispers
Alligator Island
Alligator Beach
Coral Garden
Coral Garden Hall
Isle of Prayer
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Garden of Eva
Crystal Caverns
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Steam Corridor

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