Greater CON Dye (Con 1 DEX -1)

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Greater CON Dye <Con +1 DEX -1>
Greater CON Dye <Con +1 Dex -1>. Collect and take 10 units of this magical dye to the symbol maker in town and you will receive a symbol that boosts your abilities. Can be used after 2nd class transfer, or 1st Liberation for Ertheia. All classes.
Weight: 150
Durability: -
Base price: Adena.jpg 50,000 adena
No restrictions for item exchange.


Mob's Name Lvl Properties Hunting zone Count Chance
Raid Boss Apepi 30 Raid Boss: If the person who made the greatest contribution is 3 or more Lv.s higher than the raid monster, then the item/ Adena rewards will decrease. If the difference is 9 or more Lv.s, the monster will drop nothing at all.Raid Boss (Lv. 30): A beast living in the Innadril Territory as one of the Evil Spirits born from Shilen's pain. He hates Eva who became the Goddess of Water instead of Shilen, and calls her a fake. He still thinks that the true Goddess of water is Shilen.Beast: Generally considers humans as food. Classifies attacking animals as monsters. This also includes chimeras that have fused more than 2 types of cells, as well as other fantasy creatures from mythology. Innadril Territory 1 11.25% — 13.87%

To craft an item, its crafter must learn a Recipe: Greater CON Dye (Con  1 DEX -1) Recipe: Greater CON Dye (Con 1 DEX -1) .
Skill level: 4
Craft chance item: 100%
Number of items crafted: 1
MP Spent: 138

Trader Place Cost
Merchant of Mammon Any town Adena 240,000 adena + castle tax

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