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Grail Apostle (transformation)

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Восклицательный знак.png Warning!

The item cannot be obtained in the game anymore

Апостол Грааля (трансформация).jpg

How to obtain

To learn it, you need a Item 9650.jpg Transformation Sealbook: Grail Apostle

Transformation skills

Name Description
Stats STR 88, DEX 55, CON 82, INT 39, WIT 39, MAN 38
Wind of Angel A divine Wind that increases Evasion of all party members.
Angel's Blessing A divine blessing that increases P. Atk. of all party members.
Spear A strong polearm thrust that has a chance of causing the enemy to bleed. Over-hit. Power 900. Effect 6.
Power Slash A powerful frontal attack that involves swinging a polearm to assault enemies. Over-hit. Power 1250.

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