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Gludio Castle

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Gludio Castle, Screenshot.jpg

Located to the northeast from the Town of Gludio, on a high river bank. It was built by king Cadmus to prevent Gracian intervention. The Gracian troops tried to invade the territory several years ago, however the Gludio post was safe inside the castle, and the army was able to repel the attacks.

Fortifications: outer wall, open ditch, the central gate, towerbridge, 3 Life Control Towers, 2 Flame Control Towers, emergency exit

Castle structure

The starting points of the defending clans are the living chambers inside the castle. In the room located behind the throne-room, there’s a sacred artifact. There is no way the attackers can bypass the outer wall. However, there’s a secret passage leading outside which can be used by the defenders.

Features of the castle

  • The castle gives the following skills: Skill 593.jpg Residence Health, Skill 600.jpg Residence Guidance, Skill 606.jpg Residence Fortitude
  • Belong to the territory: Gludio territory
  • Territory skill: STR +1 / INT +1
  • If the territory is owned, the castle receives taxes from it and from clanhall lending, and NPCs have the crest of the clan which owns the castle above their heads.

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