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Giran Castle

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Giran Castle, Screenshot.jpg

The residence of the Lord of Giran. The castle decorations are richer than the decoration of the Royal palace of Aden, to show everyone the immense riches of Giran. Locate to the east from the Town of Giran, on a high river bank.

Fortifications: outer wall, open ditch, the central gate, towerbridge, 3 Life Control Towers, 2 Flame Control Towers, emergency exit.

Castle structure

The starting points of the defending clans are the living chambers inside the castle. In the room located behind the throne-room, there’s a sacred artifact. There is no way the attackers can bypass the outer wall. However, there’s a secret passage leading outside which can be used by the defenders.

Features of the castle

  • The castle gives the following skills: Skill 592.jpg Residence Soul, Skill 601.jpg Residence Agility, Skill 610.jpg Residence Death Fortune
  • Belongs to the territory: Giran Territory
  • Territory skill: STR +1 / MEN +1
  • If the territory is owned, the castle receives taxes from it and from clanhall lending, and NPCs above their heads have the crest of the clan which owns the castle

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