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Giran Map

This town is home of Giran castle, the largest commercial country in the world. It is very luxurious and busy compare to other towns. There is a Luxury Shop where you can buy high-grade items. Giran has become rich thanks to Baron Estus. There are highly populated re-processing areas where traders are working with raw materials that are imported via Giran Harbor. Giran is the richest region in the kingdom. There's no better place for you mind and body to rest.


Township Price Price
with a discount
Town of Oren 9,400 4,700
Heine 7,600 3,800
Town of Dion 6,800 3,400
Town of Goddard 63,000 31,500
Rune Township 59,000 29,500
Town of Schuttgart 87,000 43,500
Town of Gludio 29,000 14,500
Town of Aden 13,000 6,500
Talking Island Village 22,000 11,000
Giran Harbor 5,200 2,600
Parnassus 7000 3,500
Hardin's Academy 4,400 2,200
Dragon Valley 1,900 950
Antharas' Lair 3,400 1,700
Devil's Isle 5,700 2,900
Breka's Stronghold 1,000 500
For characters below level 77 teleport service is free. From 8.00 pm to 00.00 from Monday till Tuesday for all characters there's a 50% discount on teleportation services

Teleport for the Noblesse

Destination Price
Gludin Arena 1000
Giran Arena 1000
Gorgon Flower Garden 1000
Hardin's Academy 1000
Coliseum 1000
Keucereus Alliance Base 100.000

Town of Giran: NPCs and quests

Clan Halls

Clan Halls in Giran

There are 5 clan halls grade B available in the Town of Giran:

  • Golden Chamber
  • Silver Chamber
  • Mithril Chamber
  • Bronze Chamber
  • Silver Manor

You can find the info about clan hall features, items on sale, factions and envoys here: Clan Hall functions.

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