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Gemstone (S-grade)

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Item 2134.jpg
Gemstone (S-grade)
Weight: 0
Durability: -
Base price: Adena.jpg 100,000 adena
No restrictions for item exchange.


Mob's Name Lvl Properties Hunting zone Count Chance
Invader of Dream Aenkinel 82 :::: Delusion Chamber 2 — 5 27.70% — 33.70%
Invader of Dream Aenkinel 84 :::: Delusion Chamber 3 — 6 27.09% — 33.09%
Lost Guard Captain 83 :::: Kamaloka (Labyrinth of the Abyss) 2 — 5 25.60% — 31.60%
Raid Boss Queen Shyeed 84 ::::: Stakato Nest 1 18.32% — 22.32%
Lord of Splendor Anais 84 :::: Monastery of Silence 1 17.93% — 21.93%
Invader of Dream Aenkinel 81 :::: Delusion Chamber 1 13.94% — 16.94%
Invader of Dream Aenkinel 81 :::: Delusion Chamber 1 13.85% — 16.85%
Invader of Dream Aenkinel 81 :::: Delusion Chamber 1 13.66% — 16.66%
Invader of Dream Aenkinel 81 :::: Delusion Chamber 1 13.30% — 16.30%
Dragon Guard 85 :::::: Antharas Lair 1 1.948% — 2.366%
Dragon Knight 85 :::::: Antharas Lair 1 0.1% — 0.5%

Item 6367.jpg Angel Slayer Grade S.gif
Item 6579.jpg Arcana Mace Grade S.gif
Item 6365.jpg Basalt Battlehammer Grade S.gif
Item 6371.jpg Demon Splinter Grade S.gif
Item 7575.jpg Draconic Bow Grade S.gif
Item 6369.jpg Dragon Hunter Axe Grade S.gif
Item 9450.jpg Dynasty Bagh-Nakh Grade S.gif
Item 9443.jpg Dynasty Blade Grade S.gif
Item 9445.jpg Dynasty Bow Grade S.gif
Item 10253.jpg Dynasty Crusher Grade S.gif
Item 9448.jpg Dynasty Cudgel Grade S.gif
Item 9447.jpg Dynasty Halberd Grade S.gif
Item 9446.jpg Dynasty Knife Grade S.gif
Item 9449.jpg Dynasty Mace Grade S.gif
Item 9444.jpg Dynasty Phantom Grade S.gif
Item 10252.jpg Dynasty Staff Grade S.gif
Item 9442.jpg Dynasty Sword Grade S.gif
Item 6364.jpg Forgotten Blade Grade S.gif
Item 6372.jpg Heaven's Divider Grade S.gif
Item 6366.jpg Imperial Staff Grade S.gif
Item 6370.jpg Saint Spear Grade S.gif
Item 13885.jpg Sealed Arcana Sigil Grade S.gif
Item 6680.jpg Sealed Draconic Leather Armor Grade S.gif
Item 6682.jpg Sealed Draconic Leather Boots Grade S.gif
Item 6681.jpg Sealed Draconic Leather Gloves Grade S.gif
Item 6683.jpg Sealed Draconic Leather Helmet Grade S.gif
Item 9518.jpg Sealed Dynasty Boots Grade S.gif
Item 9514.jpg Sealed Dynasty Breastplate Grade S.gif
Item 9526.jpg Sealed Dynasty Circlet Grade S.gif
Item 9452.jpg Sealed Dynasty Earring Grade S.gif
Item 9515.jpg Sealed Dynasty Gaiters Grade S.gif
Item 9517.jpg Sealed Dynasty Gauntlets Grade S.gif
Item 9527.jpg Sealed Dynasty Gloves Grade S.gif
Item 9516.jpg Sealed Dynasty Helmet Grade S.gif
Item 9519.jpg Sealed Dynasty Leather Armor Grade S.gif
Item 9523.jpg Sealed Dynasty Leather Boots Grade S.gif
Item 9522.jpg Sealed Dynasty Leather Gloves Grade S.gif
Item 9521.jpg Sealed Dynasty Leather Helmet Grade S.gif
Item 9520.jpg Sealed Dynasty Leather Leggings Grade S.gif
Item 9453.jpg Sealed Dynasty Necklace Grade S.gif
Item 9454.jpg Sealed Dynasty Ring Grade S.gif
Item 9529.jpg Sealed Dynasty Shield Grade S.gif
Item 9528.jpg Sealed Dynasty Shoes Grade S.gif
Item 13886.jpg Sealed Dynasty Sigil Grade S.gif
Item 9525.jpg Sealed Dynasty Stockings Grade S.gif
Item 9524.jpg Sealed Dynasty Tunic Grade S.gif
Item 6677.jpg Sealed Imperial Crusader Boots Grade S.gif
Item 6674.jpg Sealed Imperial Crusader Breastplate Grade S.gif
Item 6675.jpg Sealed Imperial Crusader Gaiters Grade S.gif
Item 6676.jpg Sealed Imperial Crusader Gauntlets Grade S.gif
Item 6679.jpg Sealed Imperial Crusader Helmet Grade S.gif
Item 6678.jpg Sealed Imperial Crusader Shield Grade S.gif
Item 6686.jpg Sealed Major Arcana Boots Grade S.gif
Item 6687.jpg Sealed Major Arcana Circlet Grade S.gif
Item 6685.jpg Sealed Major Arcana Gloves Grade S.gif
Item 6684.jpg Sealed Major Arcana Robe Grade S.gif
Item 6724.jpg Sealed Tateossian Earring Grade S.gif
Item 6726.jpg Sealed Tateossian Necklace Grade S.gif
Item 6725.jpg Sealed Tateossian Ring Grade S.gif
Item 10216.jpg Icarus Disperser Grade S80.gif
Item 10222.jpg Icarus Hall Grade S80.gif
Item 10220.jpg Icarus Hammer Grade S80.gif
Item 10221.jpg Icarus Hand Grade S80.gif
Item 10218.jpg Icarus Heavy Arms Grade S80.gif
Item 10215.jpg Icarus Sawsword Grade S80.gif
Item 10217.jpg Icarus Spirit Grade S80.gif
Item 10223.jpg Icarus Spitter Grade S80.gif
Item 10224.jpg Icarus Stinger Grade S80.gif
Item 10219.jpg Icarus Trident Grade S80.gif
Item 10225.jpg Icarus Wingblade Grade S80.gif
Item 15706.jpg Sealed Moirai Boots Grade S80.gif
Item 15697.jpg Sealed Moirai Breastplate Grade S80.gif
Item 15696.jpg Sealed Moirai Circlet Grade S80.gif
Item 15767.jpg Sealed Moirai Earring Grade S80.gif
Item 15700.jpg Sealed Moirai Gaiters Grade S80.gif
Item 15703.jpg Sealed Moirai Gauntlets Grade S80.gif
Item 15705.jpg Sealed Moirai Gloves Grade S80.gif
Item 15694.jpg Sealed Moirai Helmet Grade S80.gif
Item 15707.jpg Sealed Moirai Leather Boots Grade S80.gif
Item 15698.jpg Sealed Moirai Leather Breastplate Grade S80.gif
Item 15704.jpg Sealed Moirai Leather Gloves Grade S80.gif
Item 15695.jpg Sealed Moirai Leather Helmet Grade S80.gif
Item 15701.jpg Sealed Moirai Leather Leggings Grade S80.gif
Item 15768.jpg Sealed Moirai Necklace Grade S80.gif
Item 15766.jpg Sealed Moirai Ring Grade S80.gif
Item 15710.jpg Sealed Moirai Shield Grade S80.gif
Item 15708.jpg Sealed Moirai Shoes Grade S80.gif
Item 15709.jpg Sealed Moirai Sigil Grade S80.gif
Item 15702.jpg Sealed Moirai Stockings Grade S80.gif
Item 15699.jpg Sealed Moirai Tunic Grade S80.gif
Item 14110.jpg Sealed Vesper Boots Grade S80.gif
Item 14105.jpg Sealed Vesper Breastplate Grade S80.gif
Item 13145.jpg Sealed Vesper Circlet Grade S80.gif
Item 14160.jpg Sealed Vesper Earring Grade S80.gif
Item 14108.jpg Sealed Vesper Gaiters Grade S80.gif
Item 14109.jpg Sealed Vesper Gauntlets Grade S80.gif
Item 14116.jpg Sealed Vesper Gloves Grade S80.gif
Item 13143.jpg Sealed Vesper Helmet Grade S80.gif
Item 14114.jpg Sealed Vesper Leather Boots Grade S80.gif
Item 14106.jpg Sealed Vesper Leather Breastplate Grade S80.gif
Item 14113.jpg Sealed Vesper Leather Gloves Grade S80.gif
Item 13144.jpg Sealed Vesper Leather Helmet Grade S80.gif
Item 14112.jpg Sealed Vesper Leather Leggings Grade S80.gif
Item 14161.jpg Sealed Vesper Necklace Grade S80.gif
Item 14162.jpg Sealed Vesper Ring Grade S80.gif
Item 14111.jpg Sealed Vesper Shield Grade S80.gif
Item 14117.jpg Sealed Vesper Shoes Grade S80.gif
Item 13887.jpg Sealed Vesper Sigil Grade S80.gif
Item 14115.jpg Sealed Vesper Stockings Grade S80.gif
Item 14107.jpg Sealed Vesper Tunic Grade S80.gif
Item 13463.jpg Vesper Avenger Grade S80.gif
Item 13459.jpg Vesper Buster Grade S80.gif
Item 13465.jpg Vesper Caster Grade S80.gif
Item 13457.jpg Vesper Cutter Grade S80.gif
Item 13461.jpg Vesper Fighter Grade S80.gif
Item 13464.jpg Vesper Retributer Grade S80.gif
Item 13460.jpg Vesper Shaper Grade S80.gif
Item 13466.jpg Vesper Singer Grade S80.gif
Item 13458.jpg Vesper Slasher Grade S80.gif
Item 13462.jpg Vesper Stormer Grade S80.gif
Item 13467.jpg Vesper Thrower Grade S80.gif

Trader Place Cost Amount of purchased items
Merchant of Mammon Any town Adena 400,000 adena + castle tax 1

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