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Location Town of Giran (Giran Territory)


Item 267.jpg Arthro NailAdena 1,336,100 adena
Item 8680.jpg Barakiel's AxeAdena 26,968,400 adena
Item 8681.jpg Behemoth' Tuning ForkAdena 26,968,400 adena
Item 269.jpg Blood TornadoAdena 14,098,000 adena
Item 235.jpg Bloody OrchidAdena 14,098,000 adena
Item 213.jpg Branch of the Mother TreeAdena 20,741,000 adena
Item 8687.jpg Cabrio's HandAdena 26,968,400 adena
Item 288.jpg Carnage BowAdena 14,098,000 adena
Item 8688.jpg Daimon CrystalAdena 26,968,400 adena
Item 5706.jpg Damascus*DamascusAdena 20,741,000 adena
Item 284.jpg Dark Elven LongbowAdena 1,336,100 adena
Item 2500.jpg Dark Legion's EdgeAdena 20,741,000 adena
Item 212.jpg Dasparion's StaffAdena 14,098,000 adena
Item 7899.jpg Destroyer HammerAdena 14,098,000 adena
Item 9332.jpg Divine PainAdena 14,098,000 adena
Item 7902.jpg Doom CrusherAdena 20,741,000 adena
Item 9336.jpg DoomchanterAdena 14,098,000 adena
Item 270.jpg Dragon GrinderAdena 20,741,000 adena
Item 81.jpg Dragon SlayerAdena 20,741,000 adena
Item 9356.jpg DurendalAdena 26,968,400 adena
Item 150.jpg Elemental SwordAdena 14,098,000 adena
Item 164.jpg ElysianAdena 20,741,000 adena
Item 7895.jpg Flaming Dragon SkullAdena 20,741,000 adena
Item 300.jpg Great AxeAdena 1,336,100 adena
Item 78.jpg Great SwordAdena 1,336,100 adena
Item 98.jpg HalberdAdena 14,098,000 adena
Item 91.jpg Heavy War AxeAdena 1,336,100 adena
Item 7900.jpg Ice Storm HammerAdena 1,336,100 adena
Item 7884.jpg Infernal MasterAdena 14,098,000 adena
Item 9308.jpg Innominate VictoryAdena 1,336,100 adena
Item 142.jpg KeshanberkAdena 1,336,100 adena
Item 5233.jpg Keshanberk*KeshanberkAdena 14,098,000 adena
Item 229.jpg KrisAdena 1,336,100 adena
Item 9340.jpg LaceratorAdena 20,741,000 adena
Item 2504.jpg Meteor ShowerAdena 14,098,000 adena
Item 9304.jpg Military FleuretAdena 1,336,100 adena
Item 8682.jpg Naga StormAdena 26,968,400 adena
Item 9312.jpg PeacemakerAdena 1,336,100 adena
Item 9348.jpg ReaperAdena 20,741,000 adena
Item 9360.jpg Screaming VengeanceAdena 26,968,400 adena
Item 8684.jpg Shyeed's BowAdena 26,968,400 adena
Item 8678.jpg Sirra's BladeAdena 26,968,400 adena
Item 8685.jpg Sobekk's HurricaneAdena 26,968,400 adena
Item 289.jpg Soul BowAdena 20,741,000 adena
Item 236.jpg Soul SeparatorAdena 20,741,000 adena
Item 7892.jpg Spell BreakerAdena 1,336,100 adena
Item 92.jpg Spirit's StaffAdena 1,336,100 adena
Item 7894.jpg Spiritual EyeAdena 14,098,000 adena
Item 8679.jpg Sword of IposAdena 26,968,400 adena
Item 151.jpg Sword of MiraclesAdena 20,741,000 adena
Item 148.jpg Sword of ValhallaAdena 1,336,100 adena
Item 80.jpg Tallum BladeAdena 14,098,000 adena
Item 8938.jpg Tallum Blade*DamascusAdena 26,968,400 adena
Item 305.jpg Tallum GlaiveAdena 20,741,000 adena
Item 8686.jpg Themis' TongueAdena 26,968,400 adena
Item 8683.jpg Tiphon's SpearAdena 26,968,400 adena
Item 243.jpg Twilight KnifeAdena 1,336,100 adena
Item 9344.jpg UndertakerAdena 20,741,000 adena
Item 9328.jpg White LightningAdena 14,098,000 adena
Item 9352.jpg Éclair BijouAdena 26,968,400 adena

Quest Type Levels Reward Restrictions
Befitting of the Status Onetime quest 99 See Description Exalted, One Who Faces the Limit quest in Progress