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    For Victory
    Level: 100+
    Quest type Onetime quest
    Restrictions: In progress Exalted, One Who Shatters the Limit.
    Having Lionel Hunter's Mission List - Part 3 Lionel Hunter's Mission List - Part 3 in the inventory.
    Race: Any race
    Class: Any class
    Start location Town of Aden / Aden Territory
    Start NPC Kurtiz
    Reward Spellbook: Summon Battle Potion Spellbook: Summon Battle Potion
    Kurtiz' Certificate Kurtiz' Certificate


    1. Talk to Captain Kurtiz in the Town of Aden.


    2. Take part in a castle siege or in a dimensional siege. During the siege, find the Flag of Protection on the castle territory and get a Mark of Valor. You need to get Mark of Valor Mark of Valor  — 10 pcs. Warning! In the day of siege the items can be obtained only once. The biggest reward is given for the castles of Aden and Rune.
    3. Talk to Captain Kurtiz in the Town of Aden.


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