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Fish Pearl

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Item 45490.jpg
Fish Pearl
Can be used as a crafting ingredient or trade for an appearance modification item through a fishing guild member.
Weight: 0
Durability: -
Base price: Adena.jpg 100,000 adena
No restrictions for item exchange.

See also:

Item 13490.jpg Arrow-pierced Apple
Item 8186.jpg Artisan's Goggles
Item 8185.jpg Chapeau
Item 7696.jpg Daisy Hairpin
Item 8189.jpg Fairy Antennae
Item 7695.jpg Forget-me-not Hairpin
Item 4616.jpg [[Greater CON Dye <Con +4 DEX -4>]]
Item 4615.jpg [[Greater CON Dye <Con +4 Str -4>]]
Item 4618.jpg [[Greater DEX Dye <Dex +4 CON -4>]]
Item 4617.jpg [[Greater DEX Dye <Dex +4 Str -4>]]
Item 4619.jpg [[Greater INT Dye <Int +4 Men -4>]]
Item 4620.jpg [[Greater INT Dye <Int +4 Wit -4>]]
Item 4621.jpg [[Greater MEN Dye <Men +4 Int -4>]]
Item 4622.jpg [[Greater MEN Dye <Men +4 Wit -4>]]
Item 4613.jpg [[Greater STR Dye <STR +4 CON -4>]]
Item 4614.jpg [[Greater STR Dye <STR +4 DEX -4>]]
Item 4623.jpg [[Greater WIT Dye <Wit +4 Int -4>]]
Item 4624.jpg [[Greater WIT Dye <Wit +4 Men -4>]]
Item 6844.jpg Lady's Hairpin
Item 8188.jpg Little Angel Wings
Item 7682.jpg Maiden's Hairpin
Item 6846.jpg Monocle
Item 7681.jpg Outlaw's Eyepatch
Item 8184.jpg Party Hat
Item 5808.jpg Party Mask
Item 6845.jpg Pirate's Eyepatch

You can get at the opening by double-clicking on item:

Item 45484.jpg Shiny Carp
Item 45482.jpg Shiny Catfish
Item 45481.jpg Shiny Marlin
Item 45483.jpg Shiny Tuna
Item 45485.jpg Shiny Whale

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