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Fast Spell Casting - Overlord

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Increases Casting Spd. by 5%.
Class Name Overlord
Type passive
Attribute -
Recast Time 0 seconds
Hit Time 0 seconds
Cast Range 0
Classes with same skill Wizard, Sorcerer, Necromancer, Warlock, Cleric, Bishop, Prophet, Elven Wizard, Spellsinger, Elemental Summoner, Elven Oracle, Elven Elder, Dark Wizard, Spellhowler, Phantom Summoner, Shillien Oracle, Shillien Elder, Orc Shaman, Overlord, Warcryer

Skill Upgrade

Lvl. to Learn Skill Lvl Description MP Consume HP Consume SP
40 2 Increases Casting Spd. by 7%. 0 0 30
56 3 Increases Casting Spd. by 10%. 0 0 105

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