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Fallen Emperors Throne

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Fallen Emperors Throne
Territory Giran Territory
Optimal Level 103 - 120
Party size 1 party (5-7 ppl)
Herbs non drops
Zone reset time Everyday, 6:30

Тронный Зал Падшего Императора скриншот 1.jpg Тронный Зал Падшего Императора скриншот 2.jpg Тронный Зал Падшего Императора скриншот 3.jpg

Тронный Зал Падшего Императора скриншот 4.jpg Тронный Зал Падшего Императора скриншот 5.jpg Тронный Зал Падшего Императора скриншот 6.jpg

General Info

Fallen Emperors Throne - entrance.jpg

Fallen Emperor's Throne is a party instanced zone for 5-7 players level 103-120. You can teleport to the zone via NPC Kekropus located in the Town of Giran.

  • Players have 60 minutes to complete the zone.

Walkthrough guide

The battle with Helios is divided into 3 stages, in which the raid boss takes different shapes.

Shape 1 Shape 2 Shape 3
Хелиос форма1.jpg Хелиос форма2.jpg Хелиос форма3.jpg

On stages 1 and 2 Helios summons strong minions. There are 4 types of minions in total, they appear by 4 on the left or on the right from the boss. When Helios's HP is below 80%, stage 2 begins.

On stage 2 Helios summons Helios Blue Lightning and Helios Red Lightning: two rays, red and blue. Helios uses their power to gain different abilities. The red lightning deals great damage and knocks down the enemies, and the blue one burns mana and decreases P. Def. of the characters.

On stages 2 and 3 a huge cannon called Leopold will join the battle. The cannon consists of 4 parts located on the zone perimeter. It deals great damage on the area.

When Helios's HP is below 30%, stage 3 begins. Helios Blue Lightning and Helios Red Lightning are not active anymore. Helios summons additional helpers: Leopold Origin and Enuma Elish Origin (by 4 of each). They will be flying in the air and you won't be able to reach them with melee attacks.


Fallen Emperors Throne - Raid Bosses

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Emperor of the Beginning Helios 105 : : : : : 552531623175 497282625

Related Quests

Quest Type Levels Start NPC Reward Restrictions
Savior's Path - Fallen Emperor's Throne Onetime quest 103 Leona Blackbird Adena 30,773,010 adena
XP 271,916,247,600
SP 271,916,100
No Requirements

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