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Elite Treykan
Grand CrusadeClassic

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Elite Treykan
Seed of Annihilation

Name Elite Treykan
Level 89
HP 613,329
MP 19,880
EXP 7,481,982
SP 1,795
Herbs: no
Beast: Generally considers humans as food. Classifies attacking animals as monsters. This also includes chimeras that have fused more than 2 types of cells, as well as other fantasy creatures from mythology. Earth Attack: Strong against the element of earth. Strong P. Atk.: Greater Hold Resistance: Highly resistant to Hold. Greater Sleep Resistance: Highly resistant to Sleep. High Stun Attack Resistance: Stun Immunity Greater Mental Attack Resistance: Silence/Fear Immunity
Update date: 2017-03-07


General Items Cnt Chance
Other Items Cnt Chance
Item 57.jpg Adena 5584 — 13029 20%
Item 36813.jpg Immortal Leather Legging Ingredient 1 — 3 11.06% — 13.44%
Item 17527.jpg Scroll: Enchant Armor (R-grade) 1 0.1% — 0.5%
Item 36751.jpg Recipe: Immortal Leather Leggings (60%) 1 0.1% — 0.5%

Items Spoil

Items and resources Cnt Chance
Item 36532.jpg Thin Braid 1 55.13% — 60.89%
Item 36533.jpg Synthetic Braid 1 10.46% — 12.70%

Lucky Drop

Items and resources Cnt Chance
Item 39629.jpg Fortune Pocket - Stage 1 1 ~ 100%