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Dyes are used for making tattoos. Tattoos change base characteristics of a character by increasing or decreasing them. The type of dye depends on the character's class. In Goddess of Destruction - Awakening update new dyes Grade R for the Awakened characters were added.

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Grade R Dyes

In Goddess of Destruction - Awakening new dyes Grade R were added. Such dyes can be used by the Awakened characters only. The old dyes allowed players to increase or decrease characteristics of their characters, the new ones allow then to use them more effectively.

Before the update dye usage was limited by classes. There's no such limitations for dyes Grade R. Dyes Grade R are divided into types - Giant Dye, Ancient Dye and Legendary Dye; and levels 1-5.

Dye Type Description 1 Lv 2 Lv 3 Lv 4 Lv 5 Lv
Giant Dye Increases one of character Basic Stats and decreases another. +3 -2 +4 -3 +5 -4 +5 -2 +5
Ancient Dye Increases one of character Basic Stats and decreases another, increases defense to one of attribute. +3 -2,
+5 attr.
+4 -3,
+10 attr.
+5 -4,
+15 attr.
+5 -2,
+20 attr.
+25 attr.
Legendary Dye Increases one of character Basic Stats and decreases/increases another, increases defense to one of attribute. +3 -1,
+5 attr.
+4 -2,
+10 attr.
+5 -3,
+15 attr.
+5 -1,
+20 attr.
+5 +1,
+25 attr.
  • Grade R Dyes List
Giant Dyes Ancient Dyes Legendary Dyes + Stat +- Stat Attribute
(except Giant Dye)
Giant Dye - STR Ancient Dye - STR Legendary Dye - STR STR DEX Fire
Giant Dye - DEX Ancient Dye - DEX Legendary Dye - DEX DEX CON Earth
Giant Dye - CON Ancient Dye - CON Legendary Dye - CON CON STR Dark
Giant Dye - INT Ancient Dye - INT Legendary Dye - INT INT WIT Water
Giant Dye - WIT Ancient Dye - WIT Legendary Dye - WIT WIT MEN Wind
Giant Dye - MEN Ancient Dye - MEN Legendary Dye - MEN MEN INT Holy
  • LUC and CHA dyes

In the Ertheia update the new LUC and CHA dyes have been added. They can be obtained from Fortune Pockets and through Alchemy.

Legendary Dyes increasing LUC and CHA, don't increase attribute protection.

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How to get R Dyes

Mysterious Dye Merchant

Buy dyes dialog - Mysterious Dye Merchant.jpg

New Mysterious Dye Merchant NPCs are added to each township. Such NPCs sell dyes Grade R. The price for each is Adena.jpg 1,000,000 adena, but you can choose only one type of a basic characteristics in increase and get a random dye.

Logistics Officer

Buy dyes dialog - Logistics Officer.jpg

If a clan owns a Fortress, its members can buy dyes Grade R lvl from a Logistics Officer NPC, the prices are as follows:

Item Price
Giant Dye Lv 4 Item 9912.jpg Knight's Epaulette  — 1600 pcs.
Fame.jpg 130,000 fame
Adena.jpg 9,000,000 adena
Ancient Dye Lv 4 Item 9912.jpg Knight's Epaulette  — 3700 pcs.
Fame.jpg 300,000 fame
Adena.jpg 20,000,000 adena
Legendary Dye Lv 4 Item 9912.jpg Knight's Epaulette  — 8400 pcs.
Fame.jpg 670,000 fame
Adena.jpg 46,000,000 adena

Warehouse Keeper

Warehouse Keepers in any township sell dyes level 1, 2 and 3 for adena and Mysterious Fragment Mysterious Fragment (can be obtained when using the Wondrous Cubic Wondrous Cubic .

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Regular Dyes

Merchant of Mammon

Диалог покупки красок - Торговец Маммона.jpg
Dye Type Price
Dye +1 -1 Adena.jpg 168,000 adena
Greater Dye +1 -1 Adena.jpg 240,000 adena
Greater Dye +2 -2 Adena.jpg 288,000 adena
Greater Dye +3 -3 Adena.jpg 432,000 adena
Greater Dye +4 -4 Adena.jpg 696,000 adena

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Common Craft

Using the materials obtained during Fishing you can create dyes for tattoos. The recipes can be purchased in Clan Halls.

Item Base Price Hall
  • Recipe: DEX Dye <DEX+1 STR-1> (100%)
  • Recipe: DEX Dye <DEX+1 CON-1> (100%)
  • Recipe: WIT Dye <WIT+1 INT-1> (100%)
  • Recipe: WIT Dye <WIT+1 MEN-1> (100%)
  • Recipe: MEN Dye <MEN+1 INT-1> (100%)
  • Recipe: MEN Dye <MEN+1 WIT-1> (100%)
  • Recipe: INT Dye <INT+1 MEN-1> (100%)
  • Recipe: INT Dye <INT+1 WIT-1> (100%)
  • Recipe: CON Dye <CON+1 STR-1> (100%)
  • Recipe: CON Dye <CON+1 DEX-1> (100%)
  • Recipe: STR Dye <STR+1 CON-1> (100%)
  • Recipe: STR Dye <STR+1 DEX-1> (100%)
Adena.jpg 7,700 adena Dion Clan Halls
  • Recipe: Greater STR Dye <STR+1 CON-1> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater STR Dye <STR+1 DEX-1> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater DEX Dye <DEX+1 STR-1> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater DEX Dye <DEX+1 CON-1> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater CON Dye <CON+1 STR-1> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater CON Dye <CON+1 DEX-1> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater INT Dye <INT+1 MEN-1> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater INT Dye <INT+1 WIT-1> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater WIT Dye <WIT+1 INT-1> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater WIT Dye <WIT+1 MEN-1> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater MEN Dye <MEN+1 INT-1> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater MEN Dye <MEN+1 WIT-1> (100%)
Adena.jpg 11,000 adena
  • Recipe: Greater STR Dye <STR+2 CON-2> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater STR Dye <STR+2 DEX-2> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater DEX Dye <DEX+2 STR-2> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater DEX Dye <DEX+2 CON-2> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater CON Dye <CON+2 STR-2> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater CON Dye <CON+2 DEX-2> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater INT Dye <INT+2 MEN-2> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater INT Dye <INT+2 WIT-2> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater WIT Dye <WIT+2 INT-2> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater WIT Dye <WIT+2 MEN-2> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater MEN Dye <MEN+2 INT-2> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater MEN Dye <MEN+2 WIT-2> (100%)
Adena.jpg 13,200 adena
  • Recipe: Greater STR Dye <STR+3 CON-3> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater STR Dye <STR+3 DEX-3> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater DEX Dye <DEX+3 STR-3> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater DEX Dye <DEX+3 CON-3> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater CON Dye <CON+3 STR-3> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater CON Dye <CON+3 DEX-3> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater INT Dye <INT+3 MEN-3> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater INT Dye <INT+3 WIT-3> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater WIT Dye <WIT+3 INT-3> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater WIT Dye <WIT+3 MEN-3> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater MEN Dye <MEN+3 INT-3> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater MEN Dye <MEN+3 WIT-3> (100%)
Adena.jpg 19,800 adena
  • Recipe: Greater STR Dye <STR+4 CON-4> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater STR Dye <STR+4 DEX-4> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater DEX Dye <DEX+4 STR-4> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater DEX Dye <DEX+4 CON-4> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater CON Dye <CON+4 STR-4> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater CON Dye <CON+4 DEX-4> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater INT Dye <INT+4 MEN-4> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater INT Dye <INT+4 WIT-4> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater WIT Dye <WIT+4 INT-4> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater WIT Dye <WIT+4 MEN-4> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater MEN Dye <MEN+4 INT-4> (100%)
  • Recipe: Greater MEN Dye <MEN+4 WIT-4> (100%)
Adena.jpg 31,900 adena

Monster Drop

You can get dyes as trophies from mobs, or by using a Skill 42.jpg Sweeper skill.

Dyes Greater Dyes
STR Dyes STR Greater Dyes
CON Dyes CON Greater Dyes
DEX Dyes DEX Greater Dyes
INT Dyes INT Greater Dyes
MEN Dyes MEN Greater Dyes
WIT Dyes WIT Greater Dyes

Dye Merchant

There's a Dye Merchant NPC in every township selling dyes for making tattoos (both new and old types). Max. characterictics change value for such dyes is +4/-5.

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