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Classes and Way of Development

Type Skill Description
Basic Racial Skills Skill 150.jpg Weight Limit Double your weight limit.
Skill 1321.jpg Dwarven Craft Can read Dwarven recipe books.
Awakening Racial Skills Skill 1919.jpg Dexterity Increases Power of attack skills by 2%.
Skill 1920.jpg Endurance For 5 seconds, returns 50% of the damage received from melee attacks back to the attacker and recovers 92 HP every second.
Skill 1921.jpg Earth Blessing Increases Earth attack by 10 and Earth resistance by 10.
Skill 1922.jpg Earth Tremor Knocks Down nearby enemies for 3 seconds.
Skill 19088.jpg Summon Siege Golem Summons a siege weapon. Requires 400 R-grade crystals. Automatically acquired by dwarves at level 85.
Skill 19089.jpg Summon Wild Hog Cannon Summons a siege weapon. Can only move in normal mode. During siege mode, it cannot move, and it can inflict long-range attacks. Switching modes takes 30 seconds. Requires 600 R-grade crystals. Automatically acquired by dwarves at level 85.
Skill 19090.jpg Summon Swoop Cannon Summons a Swoop Cannon. Requires 500 R-grade crystals. Automatically acquired by dwarves at level 85.

Dwarven Fighters

Экран создания персонажа - гномы воины.jpg
87 53 85 39 37 40

Dwarven Mystics

40 24 42 82 72 81

Warning! Dwarven Mystic appear only after swithing to Goddess of Destruction - Awakening update. Mystic characteristics can be obtained by Dwarves only if they go through Awakening into Mystic class. It's impossible to create a Dwarven Mystic.


Dwarves were made from and worship the God of Earth Maphyr. Their heartiness makes them excel at crafting, resource gathering, and heavy combat. Their prowess allows them to take on multiple enemies at once.

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