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Dragon Bomber (transformation)

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Панцирный Дракон(трансформация).jpg

How to obtain

To learn it, you need a Item 9655.jpg Transformation Sealbook: Dragon Bomber :

Transformation skills

Name Description
Assimilation Blend in with enemies to avoid their notice.
Scope Bleed Attacks nearby enemies with a lethal blow and causes them to bleed. Over-hit is possible. Power 875. Effect 6.
Sand Cloud Uses blinding sand to decrease nearby enemies' Accuracy.
Death Blow Inflicts a deadly blow. Lethal Strike is possible. Over-hit is possible.

WARNING "Assimilation" doesn’t work on the Primeval Isle against Tyrannosaurus and Pterosaur in the Lost Nest. However, the aggressive Velociraptors don’t even notice a player using this skill.

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