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Don't Know, Don't Care

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Don't Know, Don't Care
Level: 80+
Quest type Party QuestDaily quest
Restrictions: None
Race: Any race
Class: Any class
Start location Dragon Valley / Giran Territory
Start NPC Separated Soul
Reward See description
Info You can complete this quest once per day.

The quest is reset daily at 6.30 a.m.


  1. Talk to a Separated Soul in Dragon Valley or near Antharas' Lair.



  2. Go to Antharas' Lair, defeat the following raid bosses: Drake Lord, Behemoth Leader, Dragon Beast, collect Drake Lord's Essence Drake Lord's Essence , Behemoth Leader's Essence Behemoth Leader's Essence , Dragon Beast's Essence Dragon Beast's Essence .
    • WARNING! You can complete this quest either in a party or in a command channel, all players in the command channel have a chance to get quest items. When the bosses are killed, special NPCs will appear – dead bosses' bodies. To get the quest items, you need to "talk" to those NPCs.
  3. Talk to a Separated Soul in Dragon Valley or near Antharas' Lair.



Weapon Armor Accessories
Enchant Scrolls Attribute change Other

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