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Divine Wizard (transformation)

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Божественный Чародей (трансформация).jpg

How to obtain

To learn it, you need a Item 10292.jpg Transformation Sealbook: Divine Wizard :

Transformation skills

Name Description
Divine Wizard Surrender to Divine Instantly decrease Resistance to Holy, and increase Resistance to Dark. Effect 3.
Divine Wizard Divine Flare Attacks a contacted target with non-attribute attack. Temporarily decreases your M. Atk. during PVP. Power 102.
Divine Wizard Divine Cloud Instantly bring divine clouds making nearby enemies Sleep. Decrease probability of additional Sleep state while effects last.
Divine Wizard Divine Curtain Attack a large number of enemies with divine rainstorm. Power 64.
Divine Wizard Holy Strike Unleashes holy attack. Over-hit is possible. Power 128.
Sacrifice Wizard Increase party member's M. Atk. by sacrificing yourself. Usable only when MP is under 10 percent.

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