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Divine Rogue (transformation)

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Божественный Разбойник (трансформация).jpg

How to obtain

To learn it, you need a Item 10290.jpg Transformation Sealbook: Divine Rogue :

Transformation skills

Name Description
Divine Rogue Double Shot Shoots 2 arrows continuously. Critical hit is possible. Over-hit is possible. Power 6195.
Divine Rogue Bleed Attack Causes injury by deadly attacks. Instantly causes the enemies to bleed. Over-hit is possible. Power 1549. Effect 3.
Divine Rogue Stun Shot Shoots arrows that inflict both damage and shock to the enemy in order to cancel target state. Momentarily stuns target. Over-hit is possible. Power 2323.
Divine Rogue Agility Temporarily increase Evasion by 4.
Divine Rogue Penetrating Attack Attacks all enemies, even the enemies behind you with a strong thrust. Over-hit is possible. Power 2111.
Divine Rogue Deadly Blow Attacks the target's vital points. CP Siphon. Lethal Strike is possible. Over-hit is possible. Power 6969.
Sacrifice Rogue Increase party member's Evasion by sacrificing yourself. Available only when HP is under 30 percent.

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