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Divine Knight (transformation)

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Божественный Рыцарь (трансформация).jpg

How to obtain

To learn it, you need a Item 10288.jpg Transformation Sealbook: Divine Knight :

Transformation skills

Name Description
Divine Knight Ultimate Defense Instantly and drastically increases Resistance to P. Def./M. Def., buff cancel attacks. The player cannot move while the effect lasts. Effect 2.
Divine Knight Hate Aura Provokes nearby enemies to attack by 6752 Power.
Divine Knight Thunder Storm Inflicts shock and damage to the enemies nearby at the same time. Instantly makes nearby enemies shocked. Ignores Shield Defense. Over-hit is possible. Power 775.
Divine Knight Brandish Attacks the enemies in front by flourishing an ax. Over-hit is possible. Power 2322.
Divine Knight Explosion Attack Detonates the floor by striking it hard. Power 1900.
Divine Knight Hate Provokes the enemy to attack with 6752 Power.
Divine Knight Stun Attack Cause damage and shock together at the same time. Make the enemies shocked momentarily. Over-hit is possible. Power 1162.
Sacrifice Knight Increases P. Def. of the party members by sacrificing yourself. Available only when HP is under 30%.

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