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Dimensional Rift

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Dimensional Rift
Map Dimensional Rift.jpg
Territory Aden Territory
Optimal Level 95 - 99
Party size 1
Herbs drops

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Ruine Dimensional Rift dialogue.jpg

The zone is meant for solo hunting for players level 95-99. You can teleport to Dimensional Rift from the Town of Aden by talking to Dimensional Seeker Ruine. You can teleport as many times as you like. However, you can teleport inside Dimensional Rift via Dimensional Pursuer Beloa only once.

The mobs are located close to each other, but it's easy enough to defeat them alone as they are not aggressive and don't help each other. In the course of your quest a Dimensional Vagabond may appear, and you need to attack him within 15 seconds. If you don't, he will teleport to a different place. After the 5th teleport he will disappear.

Dimensional Rift - Monsters

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Wandering Dead of the Dimension 97 : : : : 67580237 60783
Lost Soul of the Dimension 97 : : : : 67580237 60783
Roaming Vengeance of the Dimension 97 : : : : 67580237 60783
Lost Dimensional Vagabond 98 : : : : 289710231 260653

When you kill a Dimensional Vagabond, you may get a Key to the Dimension Dissolver's Prison Key to the Dimension Dissolver's Prison . Use the key from Beloa to teleport to Dimension Dissolver’s Prison. Please take into account that you have 30 minutes to defeat Dimension Dissolver. If the amount and the weight of the items in your inventory is more than 80%, you won'tget any reward.

Dimensional Rift - Dimension Dissolver

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Master of the Rift Dimension Dissolver 98 : : : : 2897196135 2607390

Related Quests

  • You cannot complete the Exploring the Dimension - 30-day Search Operation quest more than 30 times.
  • The Exploring the Dimension - Sealing the Dimension is available for parties only.
Quest Type Levels Start NPC Reward Restrictions
Exploring the Dimension - 30-day Search Operation Solo questDaily quest 95 - 102 Beloa XP 1,507,592,779
Available SP 3,618,222
Remnant of the Rift Remnant of the Rift
Beloa's Supply Items Beloa's Supply Items
No requirements
Exploring the Dimension - Sealing the Dimension Onetime quest 95 - 102 Beloa See Description No requirements

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