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Devils Isle

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Devils Isle
Map Devils Isle.jpg
Territory Giran Territory
Optimal Level 45 - 54
Party size

Остров Дьявола скриншот 1.jpg Остров Дьявола скриншот 2.jpg Остров Дьявола скриншот 3.jpg

Остров Дьявола скриншот 4.jpg Остров Дьявола скриншот 5.jpg Остров Дьявола скриншот 6.jpg

Devil’s Isle is the place where pirates and smugglers hid and shared their captured booty. Now people are scared even to even about this island, as the souls of the pirates killed there several years ago, still reside there. They say someone saw there the ship of Zaken himself. Zaken was a dreadful captain of pirates whose name inspired fear in the hearts of travelers and merchants who had their business in the sorthern seas.

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