• Devil's Treasure, Tauti

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    Devil's Treasure, Tauti
    Level: 99+
    Quest type Repeatable questParty QuestDaily quest
    Restrictions: None
    Race: Any race
    Class: Any class
    Start location Mystic Tavern / Schuttgart Territory
    Start NPC NPC not defined
    Reward Adena.jpg 1,186,000 adena
    Item 15623.jpg 6,362,541,900
    Item 15624.jpg 15,270,101
    Random reward:
    Mystic Armor Piece Mystic Armor Piece  — 1 pcs.
    Scroll of Escape: Mystic Tavern Scroll of Escape: Mystic Tavern  — 1 pcs.
    Frenzied Tauti's Fragment Frenzied Tauti's Fragment  — 1 pcs.
    Insane Kelbim's Fragment Insane Kelbim's Fragment  — 1 pcs.


    1. Follow Archaeologist Deton down the depths of the caves.
    2. Protect the flowers from the Stakato mobs (kill Stakatos, heal the flowers), there are 3 waves of mobs in total. The flowers will get into the healers' inventory, you will need them later.
    3. You need to destroy Flame Scorpion - 5 mobs. Master of Flames Ifrit may appear.
    4. Choose a road and follow it. You need to destroy Flame Golem (1 mob) or Flame Scarab (5 mobs) depending on the choice you've made.
    5. Destroy the Sealing Device (plant the flowers on the grave, the flowers will cast their own debuff upon the grave to decrease its defence; your debuffs don't work on it). When HP of the grave is reduced to half, Master of Flames Arimanes may appear.
    6. Now there is a pit instead of the Sealing Device. Go underground.
    7. You will see the first angel who will create copies of your party members (warning: the will attack you) and disappear. The second angel will appear. You need to defeat the angel. The third angel will appear. You need to reduce the angel's HP to its min level to watch the video and go back to the Tavern.
    8. Talk to Settlen in the Mystic Tavern.


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