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Desert Quarry

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Desert Quarry
Map Desert Quarry.jpg
Territory Gludio Territory
Optimal Level 101 - 102
Party size 1
Herbs non drops

Каменоломня Повстанцев скриншот 1.jpg Каменоломня Повстанцев скриншот 2.jpg Каменоломня Повстанцев скриншот 3.jpg

Каменоломня Повстанцев скриншот 4.jpg Каменоломня Повстанцев скриншот 5.jpg Каменоломня Повстанцев скриншот 6.jpg

Warp Gate.jpg

How to get to the zone

You can teleport to Hellbound through Warp Gate located in Heine. Desert Quarry is meant for solo hunting for characters level 99 and above. You can teleport to different Hellbound locations from Refugee Camp using the local Sayune.


The mobs dwelling in the zone are not aggressive and don't help each other. As you defeat mobs in Desert Quarry, there's a certain chance to restore your MP.


Desert Quarry - monsters

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Cantera Bridget 101 : : 699462168 629504
Cantera Belika 101 : : 699462168 629504
Cantera Floxis 101 : : 699462168 629504
Cantera Deathmoz 102 : : 777178800 699461
Cantera Tanya 102 : : 777178800 699461

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Quest Type Levels Start NPC Reward Restrictions
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Elikia's Certificate Elikia's Certificate
Exalted, One Who Faces the Limit quest in Progress
Retrieving the Chaos Fragment Solo questDaily quest 99 Leona Blackbird See Description Complete Elikia's Letter

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