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Death Penalty

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When a character dies, there is a chance that the character will be affected by the Shilen’s Breath debuff. There is a 100% chance of being affected by Shilen’s Breath if a character is killed by the following instanced dungeon raid bosses: Spezion, Teredor, Veridan, Kechi, Michaelo, Freya, Maliss, Isadora, Octavis, Istina, Balok, Baylor, the Fortuna boss, and Antharas.

Shilen’s Breath is a poisonous effect that Shilen inflicts on a character who passes through the realm of death, where her powers are strong. However, the adventurers of Aden are able to resist Shilen’s Breath to some degree.

Shilen’s Breath has five levels:

Level 1: The character resists the poison and gains a boost in HP recovery, which lasts 10 minutes.

Level 2: The character resists the poison. Resistance to Dark increases by 5, and the character gains a boost in XP rate and in HP recovery. These effects last 10 minutes.

Level 3: The character is poisoned and the character’s combat stats are reduced. These effects last 5 minutes.

Level 4: The character is poisoned and the character’s combat stats are reduced further than at level 3. These effects last 5 minutes.

Level 5: The character is poisoned and the character’s combat stats are reduced drastically. These effects last 5 minutes.

A character affected by Shilen’s Breath at levels 3, 4, or 5 can reduce the debuff to level 2 by speaking to an Adventurers’ Guide or Newbie Guide NPC in town.

Characters still lose experience points when they die, but they will not lose levels. For example, if a character dies at level 70 and 1% XP, that character will lose the 1% XP but will stay at level 70.

The amount of XP lost when a character dies while Chaotic has increased.

A character who dies while on a battlefield still receives the Battlefield Death Syndrome debuff.

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