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Dark Cloud Mansion

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Dark Cloud Mansion
Map Dark Cloud Mansion.jpg
Territory Innadril Territory
Optimal Level 81 and higher
Party size

A mansion located in the western part of the island. Unlike other buildings, it looks particularly grave. Since the mansion has appeared on the island, strange and foul things began to happen, so the superstitious Innadril women try to keep their distance from this dark and gloomy house.

Entrance to the Dark Cloud Mansion

Short description

Only a party consisting of 2 players level 78 or higher can enter the Dark Cloud Mansion.

In the dungeon the players can find important and useful information about how to get inside the Crystal Caverns in the area. When the dungeon quest is completed successfully, each player gets a Item 9690.jpg Contaminated Crystal . You are required to have this item to enter Crystal Caverns.

Isle of Prayer Zones

Hunting Zone Recommended
Hunting Zone Type Recommended amount
of players in a party
Кристальный Остров лого.jpg
Isle of Prayer 78+ Field 1-2 players
Цветное Нагорье лого.jpg
Chromatic Highlands 78+ Field 5-7 players
Парнас лого.jpg
Parnassus - Field -
Особняк Темного Облака лого.jpg
Dark Cloud Mansion 78+ Instanced zone 5-7 players

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