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Cursed Weapons

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Features of the cursed swords

Demonic Sword Zariche — the sword always accompanied by bloodshed. Long ago it was owned by Bremnon, one of the four demon kings.

Blood Sword Akamanah — cursed dual sword, very similar to Zariche. Appearance of this sword, time of usage and PvP rules are the same as for Zariche.

One of these swords can drop from any mob. But only one instance of each sword can exist in the world. When a cursed sword drops, the world becomes red for several seconds, the ground shakes, and there’s also an announcement as a system message that a cursed sword is found.

The character owning such a sword immediately is turned into a dark warrior. Transformation is the same for both male and female characters; however the looks depend on the type of a cursed sword. After the transformation character’s name is replaced with the name of the cursed sword they own. The name of the sword also replaces character’s name in the chat. In addition, the owner automatically becomes chaotic and their HP/CP/MP are fully restored.

A cursed sword is equipped automatically when it’s found, and the owner doesn’t have an option to unequip it, to drop it or to destroy it. With a cursed sword you get some special skills.

The cursed swords disappear after a certain period of time, and it doesn’t matter how much time the owner spends online. This period of time is reduced if the owner kills another player, but the abilities of the sword increase. However, the owner needs to kill at least one player per day, otherwise the sword disappears in 24 hours. There’ll be system messages about how much lifetime the sword has and when last murder was committed.

If the owner dies, the sword either disappears or drops. When the sword is gone, the owner gains back their looks and their skills and characteristics go back to normal.

What the swords look like

Zariche Akamanah
Zarich (transformation).jpg
Akamanah (transformation).jpg

Map options

One of the map options is to show the locations of the cursed swords. By opening the map (Alt+M), you can see a drop-down list of the cursed swords in the left upper corner. Choose a sword from the list and press “Search” button. A special marker will show you the location of the sword owner if they are online.

Abilities and limitations

Such PK (player killer) penalties as XP loss, carma increase, etc. are not applied to the players who take part in PvP battles with owners of the cursed swords.

The owner of a cursed sword cannot attack a player whose level is below 20. To attack an owner of a cursed sword, other players need to have level 20+. During a siege, both attackers and defenders become enemies for an owner of a cursed sword.

If an owner of a cursed sword hits some other player (excluding magic and skills), and Heroes are not an exception, this player’s CP is reset to null. If a Hero hits an owner of a cursed sword (excluding magic and skills), the owner’s CP is also reset to null. If the owners of both cursed swords start a battle with each other, their CP is also reset to null.

The owner of a cursed sword cannot join a party. If a character belonging to a party obtains a cursed sword, they are automatically dismissed from the party. The owner of a cursed sword cannot use command channel or the party matching system. If the owner of Zariche obtains Akamanah, Zariche disappears and Akamanah gains one more level. Same rules work for the opposite situation.

The owner of a cursed sword cannot get buffs from other players and cannot be healed by them. However, self-buffs and self-healing still works. The owner of a cursed sword can summon pets and servitors, but cannot mount a pet.

Olympiad and Heroes

The owner of a cursed sword cannot take part in Grand Olympiad.

If a Hero obtains Zariche/Akamanah, Hero’s abilities cannot be used. Such abilities can be used only when the sword disappears.

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